Youmeyat Fatat – #1


Few months back, I added to Get Out a new section called personal column(s), where writers from all around the world can share with us some of their own experiences and points of view providing them with a platform that supports freedom of expression. So I recently got inspired to join these writers and start sharing my own random thoughts as well!

I’ll start by saying that I am a social person, I know it, I love it, but, the reason why I love socializing and being all out and about is because I get inspired by people. On some points, I must say, it is over exhausting, not only by being all out and about, but also because I tend to be very active on social media platforms trying to share and inspire whoever I can on this big internet world. But let’s be real, no matter how much I share and say, I am only sharing what I want people to see. So here I am, ready to share more of the real world of mine, hoping to inspire more in any way possible.

I am a workaholic, and I got it from my dad. Everything I am today, is because of him. We click on so many different levels, we balance each other, and we have that special bond that I could not describe with words. The main reason behind this strong relationship is because My dad raised me and my younger sister (Rasha), ever since my mom passed away in 1993, when I was 6 and my sister 3. He was the father, the mother and the friend, to be honest, I feel bad for him for having to deal with a lot of hormones at home! He did a great job raising us, he was strong, passionate and the most caring dad. Making this long introduction about myself short, I wanna share the reason behind the first pop-up of #FattetBaba, hoping to inspire others into the concept of : Family comes First!

#FattetBaba is obviously a father/daughter collaboration, both wanting to share parts of our culture by cooking the famous Syrian Fatteh dishes, for other people to try and enjoy. And I have been trying to do that for so long and It finally came to life, El HAmdilla. All I cared about during the first stressful day of the Pop-up is to make him proud. So for those who saw the madness of me on that day, now you know what’s behind it!!

Ending this, we are caught up in a mad fast world that is ruled by the internet, that most of the times we are missing on what matters: OUR FAMILY. Slow down and spend more time with them to give back.