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First let me say that we are so happy to have you with us on GET OUT! Specially that you are the first artist in your field and genre we start with, because as you know GET OUT started with the electronic scene and now we are moving ahead with all type of genres.

Shall we start?

Who’s Mr.Fari?

I’m a singer/songwriter from Kuwait. My father is Kuwaiti and my mother is from Puerto Rico. I studied music in Puerto Rico and Los Angeles and, after I was done with that, I came here and starting practicing as a performer, music contractor, and producer. I am a full-time music entrepreneur. While working on my second personal album, I produce events, make tv commercial music and help write songs for other artists.

How would you describe yourself as a musician?

I consider myself modern pop blues with hints of reggae and modern rock.

How long have you been writing music?

Since 2002 I had a band called The Pinguienos (Penguin in Spanish) which was my first song-writing project

What does your writing mean to you?

I feel that modern music is not focusing on feelings that are complicated. They like simple stuff. I like to focus on feeling that have conflict or shame and also wrong love. I don’t think life is clear cut and I want music that expresses these things.

What currently inspires you to do this style of music?

The music style that I perform in has a lot of space for joking and humor which what I really like. I am not a parody style writer but I like funny situations. One of my song was inspired by a friend that would stay too long and I don’t know how to kick him out of the house. So stuff like that is what I truly like.

Have you got a target audience for your music?

Mostly men and women that are in their beginning adult hood that are experiencing deeper meaning in life. A lot of my songs don’t apply to little kids.

Who inspired you to start songwriting?

Artists like Bill Withers, Paul Simon and Bob Marley who showed how songs can be powerful.

Who or what first got you involved with songwriting?

The idea that you can build a story and tell it in 3 minutes was so interesting to me.

Do you think of yourself more as a songwriter or a singer?

A songwriter for sure. My voice is recognizable but I am no Bruno mars hahaha!

Has your music got any messages or meanings to it?

Some of these songs at times are still hard for me to sing. Sometimes I sing them in public and almost choke because I wrote them in a sad time on my life or me missing the person I wrote it too.

Do you write for yourself or for others? And if you have done some writings for others can you mention a name or two?

I write for myself and others. For other mostly I edit and fix. Many of my clients already have a set idea and I come and make it fit the song.

Who are singers /songwriters you are interested in and why?

The recent artist like Ceelo, Bruno mars and Mark Ronson’s team are people that have a modern style but also I have a very good way of writing for young and old lovers of music.

Do you have any albums out? If yes! Can you name it and tell us where can we find it?

I have all my work on soundcloud. The Free is my first album also titled Dr. Broken Heart and my second album is called the Neon Darkness which I am releasing slowly into world, a song at a time.

Where can we hear your music online?

Soundcloud is the best place.

How would you describe your musical image? How did you go about determining what image to portray?

I think I got my image from my favorite people in film. I love bill Murray and once you have created and recorded a piece of music that comes.

How do you go about distributing it?

I like to release it on soundcloud. A lot of the times I will just send them my email with my full album for free. If you want any of my work just send me an email to   aminfarilive@gmail.com

How do you use the Internet to facilitate this?

Soundcloud is good for that because I can share my music anywhere around the world and I also love when my fans share it forward.

How important is the Internet to your development as a singer/songwriter?

It’s good in a way I can study a lot of songwriters and I can learn a lot on YouTube.

Do you do the distribution and marketing yourself or use external sources? If so, who or what?

Everything I do myself and also with my manager Pedro Rodriguez.

What sites do you use regularly for distribution/advertisement?

248am promotes my stuff. My Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat helps me out.

If the Internet was not available to you, do you feel this would affect your capabilities in getting your music heard?

I think so yes! Most of my stuff has to do with interactions with people in the real world but then they look online and share my work which I find it important.

As I know it’s been 3 years since you came back to Kuwait! How many gigs and events have you played till now? Public and private ones? And how important is it to you that you perform live music events/gigs?

Oh I lost count of the gigs I played. I am grateful to say many actually. Performing live is very important to me because it is where you see if the artist is really an artist or just a model that can sing. I think it takes time and practice but if you cannot sing in public you are only half the artist.

How often do you perform at such events yourself? How do you decide what performances to play or not to play?

I have a special criteria. If it is a charity and foundations in which I believe in then I will perform a few songs for free. If it’s an event depending if they want a full band or not then I charge differently. Sometime I will do free shows to test new songs and not play any of my older hits. Those shows are more like testing. I don’t let them advertise either. It’s just rules I negotiate with.

Did you reject any recently and why?

I reject a lot all the time. Many people want free shows because they think it’s my hobby or because they just believe it’s good for me.  A lot of the time I can do free shows with a trade but nobody has given me good trades yet.

You have played at the MADSTAND show on the 27th of March 2015, tell us about it? Was it a successful, exciting one?

It was a really good show and the fans showed a lot of love after. It was a really nice premier for me to show my band’s work. Yusef Al Qabandi was on the Drums, Ali Sleeq on the Bass and Hashim al Nasser on the guitar and they did a great job.

Madstand team are amazing to work with. Jarah, Thamer, Abdallah and Ferrah are just like family to me now. The rest of their team is cool but these were the ones I really did a lot of my work with.

Would you define yourself as successful and why?

I don’t define myself as successful yet. It keeps me working harder and makes me a stronger artist. In no way am I a lazy Kuwaiti hahaha!

Any upcoming, near projects coming out? Does it has collaboration between you and other artists here in Kuwait?

I have a few things I am interested in working on. Developing artists in the environment is very important to me. I am working on an Album of all the best singers that practiced music in Kuwait.

Please leave one tip you think is invaluable for aspiring/beginner singer/songwriters to best?

I think to be a good singer, songwriter, one needs to be obsessed with words and songs. The stories and the words that give color to the stories is important. I recommend reading a lot because you start to hear how words work. I also recommend a journal or daily writing of poetry.

Last but not least! Do you find yourself continuing your music career here in K-Town?

I want to expand in the next years to Dubai and the UK. I am looking also in Canada.

Enough musical questions, lets entertain your fans a bit. What’s your favorite breakfast?

I like a really good omelet actually (mushrooms and spinach usually) I take nothing with cheese or butter because I am lactose intolerant.  I like hash browns and pancakes. I like a good black coffee but made more like Latin style.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing and why? You going to kill me I know hahaha! Just answer that?

I love fedora style hats and I love pattern button ups shirts. I love dark denim jeans and light colored shoes. I also love jewelry, having lots of rings is a must.

How would you describe your perfect day?

I think I stopped looking for what is perfect and started looking at how to live perfect, in a way I stopped looking for things and more like what habits can make me feel better.  Habits that are in my perfect day are like graceful and friendliness, respect privacy and getting paid hahaha. All those things make it perfect.

What’s the most valuable material possession?

My laptop because I produce music on it and launched my empire on it haha

Do you have any Shootouts you want to give?

Want to make a shout out all the singer songwriter in Kuwait that are pushing their art and singing in public without their guitar or piano. You guys make Kuwait a better place to make music in. Lot of love to you… Of course I want to thank you guys at Get out blog for always posting and fining my work.

I think you got tired, so we’re done for this session but soon I will be doing another one 😉

Thank you Amin Fari for this valuable, interesting interview about you and your musical career. Best of luck and looking forward to cover more and more of your tunes/news and updates on www.getout-me.com