Who’s behind Select*Elect


My day time job is all about what’s related to ONLINE “Marketing” and since I have an addiction for music, discovering and searching about how the music is developing and changing keeps me and my desire wanting to know more about the promoters that are throwing and organizing the best electronic parties and festivals all around the world.

Select*Elect got my eyes while ago and I always been wondering who are these people, why S.E. and what’s behind those famous parties that they did back then in LONDON and now BERLIN.

To make it short, I had to follow my curiosity and have them today with us, just to dig and know more about them, their activities and the scene over there.

The name came from Electronic Selection for those who heard about it and didn’t know what’s the story behind that name. And the musical minds behind those parties and artist booking are “Valerio, Ana, Francesco, Federico, Daliyama (Koen,Bass, Dennis), Dani and Konstantin”. Special thank you goes to Valerio for giving us the chance to have this feature!

Oh forgot to mentioned that the first one who joined Select*Elect team was an ex colleague from LEBANON! “interesting but not surprising at all”.


Where did it all starts?

Well, when we first started in London in 2005, we used to throw illegal warehouse parties and it was such good experience!

What type of events do you organize?

We organize parties, label showcases, networking conferences among electronic music.

When and what was the first night/event you launched?

London, Mare street. In an old illegal loft. And 300 people showed up. Great vibes indeed!

Which one with the hit of them all?

All the events we produced have a particular moment that we will never forget, difficult to explain. You gotta live it.


Your events focus on which genres?

Music genre have taken different shapes at our parties. In London we were definitely more focus on deep, Chicago, soul sound. Having moved to Berlin our music focus have slightly expanded into raw beats, Detroit, acid house, deep elegant techno. We are dynamic with the story we tell at each parties.  Jazz & Balearic beats for instance are our influence as well.

What about the competition in your field, how do you find it these days?

Extremely high. Everywhere! Berlin the most because here there is a real scene.

Does the competition sometimes make you want to quit?

Never! Competition is part of the fun!


What about the promoters do you usually face any issues with them?

Since we are in Berlin not at all! There is a lot of respect here among promoters. In London it was slightly different for many factors. One of which was the high production cost.

Where do you picture yourselves in the next 5 years?

Next 5 years? For sure keep on delivering quality parties. Plus, working on something a bit more complex and structured.

And while I’m doing my research about Select Elect, I was so curious also to know who are their resident DJS and they have between 5 to 8 residents, and my favorite is “FEDERICO FARINA – The Curly Head”.

Here is some links to their social accounts and their SOUND:

Also stay tuned for their upcoming announcement, that going to pop up starting “November/December”.