We Support: Rebel Against Skin Cancer


One of our writers, Marije Kruis, is the founder of Spot the Dot, a foundation which encourages people to start a conversation with their loved ones about the importance of prevention and detection of skin cancer. She uses unconventional yet fun and creative ways to raise awareness and Get Out blogs is the official supporter of the Rebel against Skincancer event on May 24 in Vienna, Austria. 

improper walls 2 improper walls pictureRebel against Skincancer is the title of a group exhibition and party for charity which takes place in the Improper Walls art gallery. More than 15 urban and contemporary artists (e.g. street artists, graffiti artists, cartoonists, tattoo artists, painters, photographers) from all over the world from Australia to Austria contribute a piece of art inspired by the theme of the campaign. Together we rebel!

Why we rebel

Skin cancer is in the top 3 of most common cancer types amongst young people and most of them are not aware of that! Research showed that people in the younger age categories check their skin least of all, while early detection can be crucial. Furthermore May is the worldwide melanoma awareness month. This was the main motivation for Spot the Dot to ask people to rebel against the ignorance about skin cancer, right before summer starts.

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Contributing artists from Australia to Austria in random order:

Michael Hacker, Chris Versteeg, David Sciarone, Death and Loori, Gitty Scholz, I Met Lucy, Bernhard Kettner,  Katharina Löffelmann , Rob Perez,  Marnie Higgs , Mariella Lehner, Maria Viola, Flö Rastbichler, Barbara Moura , Michael Pasterk and more TBC.

Be aware: We still have a few spots open for artists who want to contribute, please contact if you´re interested contact@spotthedot.org

Event information

  • A group exhibition and party for charity 
  • Vernissage: Wednesday May 24* start: 17.00 
  • At Improper Walls Art Gallery
  • Reindorfgasse 42, 1150 Vienna
  • Free entry

The exhibition will be also open on Friday May 26 + Saturday May 27 15.00 -19.00 or on appointment sayhi@improperwalls.com

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