Vinyl Mode [KSA – Greece] Musician


You can’t deny that the combination of the Mediterranean & the Middle East can add a glow to the world of house music.

Hi guys, we all know your job in the music field, but can you tell us more about you personally Moe and Harris?

Moe: I’m a management graduate, working in the field of events management in an international company. I’m 28 years old and I live in Jeddah with my parents where I grew up. I love the sea and biking around the city or jogging in parks. One big passion is playing football that I do till now when I have opportunities. Back, during school years I used to play in one of the best Saudi national teams (Al-Ahli Club). Now in my free time you will find me in the studio working on music or managing Vinyl Mode.

Harris: I have a PhD in genetics and I work as a researcher. I’m 32 years old, I’m from Greece but I currently live in Jeddah. I’m married living with my lovely wife. Recently I became a father and I have started to split my free time between my family and making music with Moe. I’m also an outdoors person loving the sea and going on trips. One of my biggest loves is the island of Mykonos, where I am from, and my all-time favorite summer destination.

How did the two of you meet? Were you both DJing before VinylMode or was it a new venture?

We met in 2009 in an underground event in Jeddah. Harris had just arrived in Saudi Arabia and he was meeting a whole new scene for him. A little bit later Moe started working in the same place where Harris was studying. We started talking about music, getting together by the turntables and spinning house vinyls. At some point Harris was playing at an event and he invited Moe to spin back2back. That was it. The first Vinyl Mode feelings. We had so much fun spinning the whole night and we decided to do it again and again. Meanwhile we had started making our new songs, mostly progressive and tech house and later on our sound started developing more, exploring different genres from electronica to deep house and techno.

Who and what are your style icons and inspiration?

Lots of big names in the field have been great inspiration for both of us despite coming from different worlds. With time and professional dedication to the love of music we have changed a lot so the names that we currently get inspired from are Solomun, Trentemoller, John Digweed, Nick Warren, Maceo Plex, Chus+Ceballos, Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Vath, Tale of Us, Dixon.

When did you guys sign with Glowrec?

It was early 2013 when Glowrec. signed our first EP “Deep inside My Soul”. Since then we’ve been part of the Glowrec. family where we have released more of our music.

One of your releases which I love is hypnotic sound, any upcoming releases coming out soon? Any record labels you will be working with other than Glowrec.?

Thanks for the good words, we are glad that you like Hypnotic Sound. Then you should definitely checkout our latest release “CAVO” that came out on beatport last week. There is a new EP to be released by Glowrec. scheduled for the fall. Now regarding other labels, they are always in our thoughts but this has to do with the project and how it fits with the label.


What are some of the biggest moments you have experienced in your career as a DJ?

We have had lots of moments DJing together in different countries for different events. We’ve had great moments in clubs and on the beach. The first time we played as Vinyl Mode, the first time we traveled to play abroad, the first time to play along a big name like the legendary Artful Dodger or the gig in Mykonos are some of our highlights. It will take a lot of time to describe to you the crazy situations that we have been through as a team since our beginning.

What are your plans and dreams for the future?

Our dream is to see our tracks in the wallets of all these legendary DJs out there. We really work hard towards this without resting and always trying to explore more of the beauty of making music. In addition as DJs we want to find ourselves in the lineups of famous clubs along big names. Our location is a bit challenging however, we believe that we have achieved a lot using the social media to promote our sound.

Where can we catch you performing in the near future?

The near future is quite busy and you will have the opportunity to catch us in many places if you are traveling this summer. Our first gig is in Lebanon end of the month and then we have some scheduled events in August in Greece and the Gulf. In the fall we will have the Glowrec. party in Amsterdam followed by two parties in Croatia and Bosnia that you shouldn’t miss.

What would you like to change about the current scene?

We believe in changing and making something better and till now we have worked hard to educate people in our country (KSA) to accept a sound that didn’t exist in the local radio. When a scene becomes big attracts a lot of people without any interest in the art of music, just promoting a commercial sound that dictates the clubbing life. So if we would do a change, we would like to see more space for quality underground sound.

Moe can you tell us about the music scene in KSA? As we all know its not that big because of KSA being a very religious country not any different from here in Kuwait?

Saudi Arabia is indeed a religious country putting some obstacles mainly in the promotion via live acts. We know Kuwait is pretty much the same. Since the beginning we believed that having a podcast that sounds good on your phone or mp3 devise was a better marketing of our sound in Saudi Arabia. We felt that being punctual with our fan base and delivering to them a monthly recording that he/she would listen again and again was as rewarding as playing in an event. Since our location was difficult to also bring big names in the region we explored the capacities of our radio show to introduce a lot of interesting DJs and producers in Saudi Arabia. Most of our live acts here are private held events, fashion shows or beach events.

Harris, Greece is one of my favorite countries and when it comes to the music scene it’s one of the best, I personally have been following so many Greek DJS the past few years and they are beyond amazing, but I would love to know more about it through your eyes and ears?

The Greek scene has advanced a lot the past years bringing to the surface lots of interesting names and labels. Also the clubbing scene has advanced as well putting places like Mykonos at the forefront of clubbing in Greece. I’m very proud to having collaborated with many of them as Vinyl Mode. We are big supporters of Siopis, Valeron, 12 Tones, Ionas Feenstra from our favourite Scarpa in Mykonos, Freespirit and HeavyG from Queen of Mykonos. I believe the greek scene will give us a lot of nice songs the following years, just keep an eye on them.

Who would you love to DJ alongside with?

Honestly, there are so many DJs that we hope to play along with and share the decks for a night. We both want to play with Maceo Plex or Solomun or Ricardo Villalobos sometime soon.

Where do you see yourself after 3 years?

After three years we want to see ourselves in the charts with a song that will move a lot of people. We are happy that we are releasing of our work and in three years from now we hope to have a good amount of songs that people will love. (inshallah). Plus we hope that we play with one of the DJs that we mentioned early in our wish-list.

Thank you Moe & Harris for this Lovely interview, looking forward to hear more of that Hypnotic sound of yours.

I won’t say see you soon in KSA but definitely we will catch you here in Kuwait.