Urban culture week returns for the second year



Urban Culture Week returns to Kuwait for the second year but this time with a special touch.

Last year and before the urban culture week, Sya1 and Steffi bow were visiting Kuwait for 2 days and during this visit they did a collaboration with the local artists here in Kuwait and did a beautiful wall at Discovery Mall in Kuwait City. This year urban culture week kicked off its week by having and for the first time the twin brothers ASHEKMAN from Lebanon to do one of the biggest murals in the heart of the city.

Mural created by Ashekman during the Urban Culture Week 2016 in Salmiya, Kuwait, on October 2, 2016
Mural created by Ashekman during the Urban Culture Week 2016 in Kuwait, on October 2, 2016 – Photographer Yousef Al Nasser

Also Saturday, October.1, urban culture week had Meet & Greet social gathering for the artists, in addition to urban culture week Pop-up shop launch. Not to forget the music who was played by one of the leading musicians in Kuwait, Mr.Fari himself.


Urban culture week this year had more local touch to it when it comes to its workshops and mentors.

First day which was October 2nd, started with B-Boy Nabil who’s from France and based in Dubai to do his B-Boy clinic. 20 b-boy attended the workshop alongside with other dancers who were watching. At the same day urban culture week had the local artist Abdulaziz Al Ameer that was giving a calligraphy workshop for two days.

The next day had only one workshop and it was a lecture/talk by 3 of the leading Arab artists in the regional and one of their latest releases was EE LAA who got around 5M views on YouTube in 3 month. Outlaw (DJ/PRODUCER) gave a session about Independent Artists 101, going through his experience with the participants and how him, Daffy from Kuwait and Flipperachi from Bahrain where able to work and accomplish what they have reached till this day, followed by a public performance and doing 4 of their famous collaborations. Last day was all about dancing, urban culture week had two local dancing mentors (Dossy & Shred) who gave a freestyle and hip hop workshops.

The week was supported by Red Bull Kuwait, ArtSpace Q8 Studio/Gallery, Jotun Paintand Montana Cans “Kuz Crew Store”.

Photography By: Yousef Al Nasser

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