Urban Culture Week [ May 16th. till 22nd. 2015]


The kickoff of the urban culture week went beyond amazing. The whole experience taught me a lot and I’m so proud about it.

Now let’s talk a bit about what happened during that amazing week so people who didn’t have the chance to attend any, will feel excited about the next one.

As I mentioned before we started the week with the graffiti / street art workshop with monstsriam at SprayBox. The beauty about that workshop that we had the chance to meet different people and those people work in different fields but all of them are into art and were willing to know and learn about it and dig more.

Urban Fashion with Khaled Zawawi was next and personally I enjoyed that workshop a lot because I wanted to know more about it although I consider myself an urban fashion icon kind of hehe!

Now the interesting / fun part was the third day of the week with Mr.Tee & TamerURS! They were the main key for us to know more about HIP HOP culture back then. Now a lot of people don’t know whose Mr. Tee aka Tyrone Van Der Meer, shortly he is the master mind behind THE NOTORIOUS IBE who’s from Netherland “Check the link out so you can know what I’m talking about 😉

Also we have (I am Tamir) in the house who’s one of the main keys of The Urban Roots Society which is based in UAE – Dubai and founded in 2007. He’s one of the best MCs I have ever heard, he knows exactly what he’s doing and you can see the passion that he has for that in his actions and reactions.

Mr. Tee and Tamer ruled the last 3 days of the workshops along with RED BULL BC ONE – Kuwait Cypher.

Last but not least we had the chance to meet and greet the QUEEN Of Arabic Rap “ Malika “ who’s half Lebanese half Algerian who gave us a beautiful lecture and rap cypher and participants LOVED HER!

Again it was an amazing experience meeting all those influencers and mentors. Thank You All for being part of this and SPECIAL thank you for Red Bull Kuwait, Nuqat , Masaha13 and Spraybox for supporting us.

Kuwait is getting better and better and we should all support this movement.

Photography by: Mohamed Chehimi