Three Machines – Sincopat


Who’s behind [Three Machines] ?

Tarek Majdalani & Sleiman Damien are the unlikely twosome who got together under otherwise normal conditions, through business arrangements and mutual acquaintances. Together, they relentlessly churn out intricate systems of sounds that would feel right at home in obscure basements, majestic cathedrals and colossal open spaces alike. Their music is a soundtrack to the cosmos, an ode to the infinitely small, a celebration of the infinitely big, a study of human nature and all of its complex, beautiful imperfections. Most importantly, it does not conform to any pre-defined genre classification.

3 days ago they released TWO tracks that’s called: Antara Original Mix & Megalith Original Mix by the record label SINCOPAT!

ANTARA! What is that!! This release knows exactly how to touch your sensitive nerves #NewAddiction

Below you can find a bio about SINCOPAT record label which I became a FAN of starting today:

Label dedicated to the search of the roots of black music as well as the essence of dance sounds, leaning with an eye towards jazz experimentation, staying in the essence of Soul, and featuring the frenetic rhythm of funk and the energy of house music. Diving into the past elements, Sincopat believes in a new generation of artists unafraid to experiment with eclectic sound’s.