The Urban Culture Week returns to Kuwait on Oct 2.


In an attempt to inspire the cultural scene and boost creativity, Urban Culture Week returns to Kuwait for the second year in a row and revives urban foundations in hip-hop. The program aims to support individuals and groups in learning, growing and cultivating their talents and interests around music, dance, art and fashion. Leading local scene members and professional mentors will collaborate in conducting the urban culture week free of charge workshops during October at ArtSpace Studio/Gallery – Salmiya at Abdulwahab Complex.

Guests of Urban Culture Week

ASHEKMAN – Beirut:

Established in 2001 in Beirut/Lebanon by identical twin brothers Mohamed & Omar Kabbani, ASHEKMAN is an Arabic street art concept that includes Arabic Graffiti, Calligraphy, Arabic rap music and Arabic street wear. Proud of their heritage and language, the ASHEKMAN twins’ mission is to revive the Arabic rich culture and history through art, and to make the Arabic language/calligraphy visually more appealing especially with the globalization that is invading the mainstream media.


A calligrapher and painter. Many of his works consist of innovatively creative paintings done in words (Typography). Al Ameer won the best design prize for Red Bull Formula 1 Infiniti team and is considered the first Arab artist to enter the art of calligraphy with this internationally acknowledged design. In addition, Abdulaziz Al Ameer also contributes to other artistic activities in Kuwait, the GCC and Middle East as one of the most innovative and influential artists in the scene.


Daffy, is a Kuwaiti singer, songwriter, and producer. Growing up surrounded by music, he started out singing at the age of nice and began writing songs when he was fifteen. Upon joining the group known as “Army of One” in 2004, Daffy and the group released several singles, albums, and music videos over the years and built a fan base across the region as one of the pioneering hip hop/R&B groups. In early 2014, Daffy became a member of Outlaw Productions, taking his career to the next level. Soon after, he released a single and music video titled “Samboosa” in the summer of 2014. The single produced by DJ Outlaw, quickly took the region by storm, getting more than 100,000 views on YouTube in the first week of its release. With over 10 years’ experience in the music industry and an invaluable list of contacts in the Music Scene, DJ Outlaw constantly has an eye out for talent waiting to be discovered. The few that pass his thorough selection process are trained to bring out their potential and be prepared to take on the music industry. Flipperachi is a young rising star who is recognized as one of the few passionate and devoted Arab rappers in Bahrain and the Middle East. He worked with many artists around the world, he also achieved performances on countless occasions such as at the Formula 1, the Red House Hip Hop music festival featuring Hot Rod of G-unit, the Formula One Race zone venue, Bud Music’s “Finley Quaye” event and much more, their latest work is EE LAA – Flipperachi & Daffy اي لا – فلبراتشي و دافي.

B-BOY NABIL – France:

B-Boy Nabil from the French Freeminds crew has been no stranger to travel, but ever since he moved from France to

Dubai in 2014, his life on the road intensified. He was one of the main judges in Red Bull BC One Cypher – Kuwait/April

2016 and now he’s coming back for an intensive workshop that will help the B-BOY scene to learn more from his

experience and techniques along with Hip Hop classes that will be having Dossy/Shred as main mentors.

Urban Culture Week supported by Red Bull Kuwait – ArtSpace Q8 and Jedareyat


For more information, please call: +965-66406020

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