The Grand Reveal – 23.09.2017


Aristotlelianism, a tradition of philosophy that takes its inspiration from the work of Aristotle, states: Art imitates Life. And while other philosophies, like that of Oscar Wilde, argue the opposite to be true, that in fact, Life imitates Art, one thing holds clear – there is no life without art, nor art without life. In the words of Muhammad Ali — ‘If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it.’

The possibilities are endless, and so we wanted to give you more. We’ve been working tirelessly over the summer, in collaboration with others to do just that, and we’re finally ready for our Grand Reveal! Join us on Saturday, September 23rd, 7 – 10pm. Meet our new partners and check out our new community services, all of which couldn’t have been possible without the love, support and hard work of each and every dedicated member of our ever-growing community. We’ll be there, we hope you will be, too. We can’t wait to share our world with you!