South x So Weird – The Weird Art Show


Saturday March 18 was the grand opening night of the South X So Weird group art show of the amazing street art collective called: The Weird

Rob Perez, American artist, curator and founder of ARTSLAM! San Antonio spoke to us short after the opening:  “I was asked to curate an art exhibition during SXSW (Red. SXSW is the South by Southwest Conference & Festivals celebrate the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries.) in Austin, TX America.  I chose to work with The Weird because I admire each of the artists independently and their distinct styles work very well together for a group exhibition.”

Photo Mar 18, 8 01 29 PMPhoto Mar 18, 8 01 36 PM
The show featured works of Nychos, Rookie, Vidam, Frau Isa, Low Bros, Look, DXTR, Cone, HRVB.

Rob adds to it: “The show was received very well by the diverse attendees. Many have seen the works of The Weird online but it was my honor to bring original works by each member to Texas. “

If you’re lucky enough to be in Austin, Texas in the upcoming weeks, you can have a look at the exhibition up until mid of April.

Mindzai Art and Vinyl: 700-B South Lamar, Austin 78704, TX, USA

The Weird in detroit 2013
The Weird ” Street Art Collective in Detroit – 2013 “
Photo Mar 18, 7 10 17 PM
DXTR The Weird – Mindzai Art and Vinyl Wall
Photo Mar 18, 7 09 52 PM
DXTR The Werid – Mindzai Art and Vinyl wall!


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