Salah Sadeq | Techfui [Musician]


Creative Director by day and internationally recognized DJ and producer by night (or vice versa), there has always been one constant in Salah’s life: CREATIVITY.

Q. When did you develop an interest in music beyond appreciating it as a listener?

It was from childhood. I grew up in a family where everyone was doing something or the other with music. My mum and her sisters sang, my uncle had a band, my brother would jam on his keyboard, my sister would always be listening to new tracks she just got from the store. A big part of my 80s influence was my sister, also my dad would always dabble in different instruments and he always sang our ears off. So obviously I was intrigued by it all and trying it all. I remember destroying at least 3 drum kits that my grand parents and parents got me.

Q. You played alongside a number of big artists in Dubai (U.A.E.), including Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink, Ripperton, Robag Wruhme, Satoshi Tomiie, Mathew Jonson, Solomun, Ame, Desyn Masiello, D’julz, Daniel Stefanik, which one was your favorite?

Yes its been really nice being invited to open or close for these artists, specially the ones I was listening to as a child, sitting in my room imagining just being in the same club as them. Thankfully all these guys were really humble and nice which makes them real stars in my books. I can’t really favour one more than the other, but I guess Laurent gets that one for being the guy that made my cry in the booth with something he said accompanied with a big hug.


Q. How is the nightlife over there (Dubai) when it comes to electronic underground scene?

Dubai has been pretty active in the electronic scene since the late 90’s onwards. To the point that the once Taboo word “Techno” is now the common mainstream in most clubs, right through the week along side with “House”.

Q. Tell us more about Techfui and when did it all start?

Wow it’s funny how often I have to tell this story. I guess the brand is doing well with intrigue ;-{>
So it started in Bahrain around 1999 when I used to give out regular mixes to friends and had just started my residency at Likwid where I made a whole new family of friends. I remember Nidhal (very close friend again) asking me for a new mix as I had not done one in a little while. Then we were chilling at an after at mine and he started asking me about my style and sound and how it’s different from the selection and how I put it together. I got into this lost train of thought describing to him what my ethos is and he suggested I should name the CDs and the style, and out of that funny yet interesting conversation I came up with the name right there and then. It felt right and I guess still does. Now it developed into a label thanks to very early suggestions by Ali Ajami, Justin Drake and Frank ‘Ame”. We start our radio show on one of the radio stations this month, the events have been going on for a long while and a nice family is brewing around everything.”


Q.Any upcoming releases or special collaborations?

Lot’s of open unfinished projects with my bro Wael “hoolz”! Hope your reading this WAEL! I just finished an interesting collaboration with Khalil Touihri from Tunisia, where we took an idea and interpreted it in our own ways. That comes out end of February. Starting a new one with CHEH, this should be special. And by the time Wael and I finish our open projects we will probably end up with an album heheheh.

Q. You have played recently in Beirut for #SvenVath, till us about this experience/collaboration and how did you find the music scene in Lebanon/Beirut?

There’s a lot I love about Beirut, from the first time I played there a while back. Thankfully I got invited back often by great people and events like the Beirut in the Mix family and their Float events. I was really happy to see BITM, MIXFM work with C U NXT SAT and collaborate together on a special event like this. The production was amazing and I was very pleased that even with such a big place and crowd they managed to deliver an amazing vibe and group of people. Closing for Sven, what can I say it is another dream come true and a complete honor. There’s a lot happening in the city and lots of good talent, will be really nice to see more people working together and establishing a solid foundation for nurturing it more.

Q. What other club nights you been to while your there?

Well we didn’t have much time and a lot of socializing in quirky places like The Attic. One of my favorite places in Beirut. But of course we did do the traditional night out in BO18 as always ;-{>.

Q. Where to find your next club nights taking place this year?

At the moment we’re pushing our new concept “TOGETHER WITH_” which focuses on bringing good people and music together, so everyone can enjoy. No headaches no bullshit. And of course were getting ready to launch our label nights to promote the label talents and their releases. Hopefully by April we will be launching it.


Q. Last but not least tell us something that no one knows about you?

Oh hmmmmm. Maybe it’s better this way ;-{>