Said Dokins and Leonardo Luna’s – Netherlands


Heliographies of Memory consist in a series of photographs that capture the calligraphic gesture, the very moment where the action of inscription is taking place. But this is not usual calligraphy writing. The texts are written with light, so the words disappear as soon as they were suggested by the moves of the calligrapher, invisible to the simple eye, they just can be captured by a process of long-exposure photography, that reveal what happened, even though no one could see it. Through these ephemeral interventions with light calligraphy, we capture the invisible, acting on air, using as locations iconic places: historic sites, public plazas, monuments, bulwarks, abandoned places become re-signification spaces.


Said Dokins used the luminic tools he has created to perform a series of calligraphic actions around the public space, while Leonardo Luna’s lens was capturing them. At the end, the luminic trace of Said’s actions where revealed through a photographies that let see inscriptions Said had traced.