Room4Space [Turkey] Musician


Hello and thank you so much for granting us this interview. And we are so happy to have you with us as one of our favorite DJS.

Let’s DO this!

How did you get into DJing?

I’ve been into music since i was a child. I can say that it was probably my favorite interest. I have always been a music lover and follower since then. I started to be interested in being more active in this field after I was first exposed to electronic music and club culture. It absolutely took my breath away! When I realized the influence of music on the crowd, how the DJs made people amazed and how they were doing it, I was fascinated and immediately decided to be right there behind the decks! Then, I decided to get actively involved in music, I worked hard to grow professionally and be able to obtain the necessary skills for production.

Who were some of your influences when you started DJing?

I can call a particular name, It was Frankie Knuckles. He was the guy who introduced me with house music and made me adore it! He was a legend! RIP Knuckles…

Who would you think is the best ambassador for the genre you play?

I am definitely into disco house, nu disco and indie dance. As a result, I can name “Aeroplane” his music is real next level disco.

Do you prefer DJing or producing?

Actually, it’s difficult to make a choice among them. Both mixing and producing make sense in a different way. So, I go for both of them.

What advice or tips would you give a young and upcoming DJ?

New talents should not give up easily. There are always obstacles to overcome for a novice DJ. Unfortunately, new DJs are not supported at first. S/he had better be patient and try to keep up the good work.

What is the best and worst part of being a DJ?

The best part is travelling the world gigging, meeting new people that are somehow all connected through the same music, having opportunity to know various cultures all around the world.The worst part is absolutely not being able to spend enough time with your family and friends. You could be away from your beloved ones for a long time.

Who would you love to DJ alongside with?

I’d like to play alongside with Bondax, the UK.

What’s, in your opinion is the best Track you have produced?

I believe it is the track called “See U Again”. It certainly became our hit track with my friend. We had huge support all around the world for this one.

What has been your best show?

I think the best gig was in Secer Club, Belgrade. Not only the club but also the crowd was great there.

Where do you find the best audiences?

To be honest, it is hard to give a specific location. Each place has its own crowd, and it depends on the festival or event that you take part in. But Netherland is one of the best places with people who have good taste in music.

What is the best city that you have traveled to as a tourist?

London, UK

Is there a perfect set length, and if yes, how long would it be?

If you mean live performance it should be approximately 2 hours. On the other hand a set for a radio shows should not exceed one hour.

What are your goals for 2015?

I am planning to mostly focus on production. Furthermore, I would like to perform in various gigs around the world and reach more people through the music. So you should keep an eye out for show announcements on my Soundcloud & Facebook pages in the future.

Thank you so much was pleasure having you with us : )