Review: Healthy Bar


Even though I was never a healthy eater and could be caught dead eating healthy food, I think a cozy little health bar changed my mind.

Usually when someone says healthy food, immediately what pops into mind is bland, tasteless and colorless food.

Healthy Bar definitely changed the game. Located behind Gold’s Gym in Salmiya, this cozy little hole in the wall serves some of the best food hand’s down. And it’s healthy!

What differs it from other healthy restaurants? All their ingredients are fresh, they use the most expensive ingredients, and they use Nature Land for their products.

Not only that but they have (wait for it) not just one, or two, but SIX different cuisines: Thai, Mexican, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian, and Chinese.

The nice thing is besides in-house dining and delivery they also offer three different types of subscriptions: fitness, weight gaining, and slimming.

While I was sitting there eating, I noticed two men walk in and they seemed like they have been there before. I turned and ask their views about the restaurant, one of them said, “I like coming here because I feel like I am getting great quality and different varieties as opposed to other healthy restaurants.” His friend added, “not only that, you actually feel like your eating proper non-healthy food because of the spices and sauces whereas other healthy bars you get a grilled chicken with no taste whatsoever.”

Overall? Healthy Bar not only raised the standards for all healthy restaurants, it also made me (the most unhealthiest person ever) fall in love with their food. So, if I can do it and start eating healthy, then i’m sure anyone else can!


Location: Salmiyah – Block 2, Abdullah Bin, Masoud St (Near Holiday Inn)
Phone: 22207340