Review: BON


Living in a country with a high-competition for food and cafés isn’t easy for any new business owner, but in the tiniest of spaces the Bon crew are pumping out some of the best coffee in Kuwait City.

Bon, being derived from the Arabic word coffee bean, set a clear concept and even clearer vision when they opted to go artisan. The “Spanish Latte” is as good-to-go as ever, but the real deal is their “Air-Pressed”, roasted in-house in their 1 kilogram showcase roaster. And of course, for those who like to try something different, order their “Cereal” coffee (which can be a great pick-me-up in the morning on the go). The food offerings are tiny sweet coffee bites ranging from brownies to pecan tarts to caramel bites; but don’t let the size fool you, one bite will tingle your senses with joy.

Coffee and desert are not the only factors that make a café successful, and Bon definitely made sure of that by setting the proper ambiance for its visitors; through creating the perfect lounge mood.

So, for all you coffee lovers out there, head on down to Bon Café and have a “bon” time!