Rami HR [Jordan] Musician


Hey Rami.! Thank you for giving us the chance to have this interview with you.

Let’s DO this 😉

How did you get into DJing?

Started as a bedroom dj after listening to one of my favorite electronic albums (Paul Oakenfold – Perfecto Ibiza 2001) I can name some of the tracks from the album that drifted me into this journey (Timo Maas – Maas Attacks , Accadia – Into The Dawn (Ashtrax Remix) / Depeche Mode – I Feel Loved (Danny Tenaglia’s Labour Of Love Mix) , Nat Monday – Waiting (John Creamers, Stephane K Remix)

Who were some of your influences when you started Djing?

Danny Tenaglia, Hernan Cattaneo, Fady Ferraye, Chris Micali and Ali Ajami

Who would you think is the best ambassador for the genre you play? Although I know the answer but definitely your fans wants to know? 😉

I can’t mention just one name, but I can list a few Enzo Siraguza, Ion Ludwig, Alexkid, Guy J and Butane

What is the best and worst part of being a DJ?

The best thing about djing is when you find your self surrounded by real music cadgers who have the knowledge to evaluate your music selection/ mixing and gives you a high five.

Worst things are random cheesy requests,  drunk fellows dancing next to you , hangovers, and being a promoter instead of a dj .

Which country and club you would love to play at in Europe?

There are several clubs actually, FUSE london, Fabric and Concrete, France.

What has been your best show?

I’ve played next to many international djs and big events but nothing can replace a good after hours gathering with bunch of friends who’s hungry for kicks, snares, basslines and melodies 😀

Where do you find the best audiences?

From my djing small experience and years spent in qatar, I can say desert parties in Doha, you can find some serious groovy heads.

DO you have any plans towards producing? If you already did, what’s in your opinion is the best Track you have produced or you going to release soon?

In terms of producing , panicnoise is a project with my brother hatem hr, we’ve already released an ep on Deadfunk records (Directions EP) year ago, we’re working on releasing another ep really soon, my favorite is Russ Yallop – The Journey (Panicnoise Mental Remix) you can find it free on our soundcloud page

Any specific record label you want to work with?

Yes of-course, Vakant, Amam, Highgrade Records and My Favorite Robot

You are one of resident DJS in JORDAN recently Right? And you have played in events in Amman ; how do you find the crowd there, and which Gig was your favorite and how do you describe it ?

Amman crowd is unpredictable, but recently house and techno are doing fine here with two leading promoters and supporters like Hasan H (Kitchen Crowd), Jawad Dogum and recently a very productive project Fuzzevents by Fayez Burgan. Best events in amman (HEAL club opening, closing for John Digweed and Supporting Satoshi Tomiie it has done a great impact)

Let’s talk a bit about Snowfish Cabaret and How did it starts?

Mmmmm, rami chahine and myself decided to have a show to push our music taste more of course by the help of david sutra the founder of beattunes, snowfishcabaret gave us a good exposure , unfortunately we’ve cancelled the show :(

As I know you have been in Qatar! How is the music seen there ? did you have the chance to play in any of their clubs ?

Yupppp, I had a residency with a wonderful dj Mike Hobson at Tse Yang, and played like 100 parties with the support of Carl Roberts who’s still pushing the scene till now along with many excellent names like (Decibel db (Andy and Bruce), Youngstar and moree

What type of music the audience listen to? or they are open for  any interesting genre ?

In jordan, they like energetic, melodic mostly tech house 125, 126 bpm

Still working on it? Any upcoming mixes coming soon? Who’s the lucky one?

A mix to your blog (GetOUT), hope everyone will have a listen and good luck to you in this project,  keep it real 😉

Is there a perfect set length, and if yes, how long would it be?

It depends how your braincells command the flow to stop.

Where can we hear your music ?

Opening for Nick Muir on 9th of october at Cube Lounge amman and

Panicnoise soundcloud page.

What advice or tips would you give a young and upcoming DJ?

You always have be sober throughout your performance, ensuring to keep your music identity going strong along with your mixing techniques, also every act has to focus on the crowd over reading them as the sound sometimes might has to be adjustable.

What are your plans for 2015? 

We’re scheduling different shows starting with hernan cattaneo on january and many music to be released from our project panicnoise.

Was pleasure having you with us, looking forward for your upcoming projects 😉