One team to represent Kuwait at the World Final in Brazil Neymar Jrs Five Concludes Thursday 26th May at Al Kout Mall



Red Bull’s Neymar Jrs. Five will be hosting its final tournament on Thursday 26th May at Al Kout Mall after 8 qualifiers alive with excitement which took place throughout May. The 16 qualified teams will compete during Kuwait’s final tournament out of which the winning team will be flying to Brazil to represent Kuwait in the world final. The side who comes out on top in the World Final will win an extra special prize; the chance to meet Neymar Jr. and watch a Barça match at the Camp Nou in the VIP area.

In Kuwait and in partnership with Nissan, Shop & Ship, Acqua Eva, Sun & Sand Sports and Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr, eight qualifiers gave 128 teams the opportunity to participate in this global competition starting with Hassan Abul football, Goal! Football fields in Fahaheel, Al Shaab, Al Jahra and Kuwait University Adailiya towards the final at Al Kout Mall.

Neymar Jr. has teamed up with Red Bull to create a 5-a-side street football competition in more than 35 countries around the world – a championship open to amateur and semi-professional footballers aged between the age of 16 and 25. The tournament was contested first at a local level, then in a national final and will be concluded in a global final in Praia Grande, São Paulo, where the Brazil and Barcelona star’s career started.

Neymar Jr’s Five features one twist compared to normal 5-a-side football – every time a team scores, the opposition loses a player. The games will last for ten minutes, however, if a team manages to eliminate all players on the other side, they take the victory before the full time ends.

 “I always dreamed of putting on my own signature tournament and invite the best teams over to my hometown. I’m really looking forward to seeing what these players can do and have a great time doing it,” said Neymar Jr.

إنجازات نيمار جونيور وتاريخه الكروي في صورة Nemyar Jr's achievements and football career in a picture

The top 4 players that Neymar Jr. would team up with in a 5-a-side football

To celebrate the launch of Neymar Jr’s new signature football tournament “Neymar Jr’s Five”, we asked the Brazil captain to pick the four current players he would want alongside him in a five-man team.

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Which players would Neymar Jr. choose to play alongside him if he was limited to a five-a-side team? Read on to discover the awesome foursome he would pick to join him.

Lionel Messi: “Right from the start, Messi helped me a lot at Barcelona, both on and off the field. We have a great relationship and I want to continue playing and getting better alongside him. He’s the best player in the world.” – Neymar Jr. on Messi

Luis Suárez: “Luis is a great player and should’ve been on the podium for the Ballon d’Or as well. With Luis and Leo [Messi], the secret is that we enjoy playing together and we try to play well and have fun at the same time.” – Neymar Jr. on Suárez

Thiago Silva: “Thiago Silva is one of the toughest defenders I’ve ever had to play against and someone I’ve always admired. He’s also a great man and a great captain.” – Neymar Jr. on Silva

Dani Alves: “When I arrived at Barcelona, he was my partner on the right wing and we struck up a great relationship. Dani is one of my best friends in football as well, so it would be fantastic to have him in the team.” – Neymar Jr. on Alves

Five interesting facts about Neymar Jr.

  • By the age of 10, Neymar Jr. was already considered a rising star of the football world.
  • His unforgettable performances on the pitch have earned him the adoration of the Brazilian fans, scoring within 28 minutes on his debut match for the national team did much to cement his place among the greats.
  • He is often compared to legends Robinho and Pelé and, as such, he has attracted some very generous bids from many European teams.
  • Neymar Jr. started his career with the São Paulo-based club Santos in 2003, having been promoted to the first team aged 17. His debut match was in March 2009 against Oeste and the following week he scored his first goal with the team against Mogi Mirim.
  • Neymar Jr. is credited with helping to reinvigorate the Brazilian nation’s passion for the sport through his creativity and spontaneous style on the pitch. In August 2010, he made his international debut for Brazil against the USA and scored his first goal (28 mins) and secured a 1-0 victory for the team.

“A hint that I would give to everybody is to enjoy yourselves playing in this tournament… I know that everybody wants to win, wants to be the champion, but it’s only one team that will win it! So enjoy yourself, enjoy that unique moment of playing or even watching those games… And believe in your dream. I believe that with a soccer ball and a goal, or even with a soccer ball and two pair of flip-flops you can be very happy” – Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr's Five Rules