MyNeandYours aka Marwan Shakarchi [Lebanon]


The cloud delivers a message. It is your interpretation of this message that gives it life, and gives it reason to keep on flying.

For two whole years my wife pleaded with me to quit my day job and embark on an adventure of digital madness and night crawling. Looking back I don’t know why it took me so long to listen. I took up my residency in the spare room, and began drawing awesome illustrations. I merged what has now become my friend – the somewhat iconic cloud character – with dark and comical comments on what I saw in my every day. I eagerly began blending the digital world with the art world, which gave me the push I needed to pull myself away from just creating work on screen, and I began branding the work onto any surface that I could. When the sun went down I took my creations, and introduced them to the walls we walked past everyday. Before I knew it you couldn’t travel too far in London without seeing a cloud in some form or another; in the form of a sticker, a huge sheet of pre-painted paper pasted up high, or a painted wall. Soon people would say “Oh you’re that cloud guy”, and I would just nod and smile while my addiction became all too obvious. That was chapter one.

A few thousand screen-printed stickers later, and here I am working in the sun, and out of the hub of Tashkeel’s luxurious studios. Over the years I have developed my body of work under the pseudonym Myneandyours It made sense to create my work and put it back into the environment that inspired it, and the name suited this notion. It also touched on our own plight as individuals, inspiring us to be our own person. Now there are clouds all over the world. I’ve painted and made a mess in places as far as Istanbul, and Beirut, and most recently Buenos Aires and Chile. And now the time has come to broaden my horizons. It’s time to grow this community of satirical looking clouds, and blue-faced heros with supposed super powers. And that’s what brought me to sunny Dubai. This is chapter two.