MockBeat [United Kingdom]


Q. First, we want to know whose MockBeat?

Well, to be honest, no .. my grandparents didn’t buy me the first synthesizer when I was 11 and no .. I didn’t have vinyl collection in my bedroom when I was teenager either, I’m just a simple guy who tries to express himself through his music.

Q. When did you begin to DJ? What about producing was it at the same time or it came later?

Actually it’s other way round, I was always more interested into the way electronic tracks were constructed and created, so in late 2010 I downloaded my stolen software and felt like “Hans Zimmer” the moment it finished installing :-)

Joke aside, producing was something what excited me (still does) especially when you are self taught in anything I guess, progress feels more challenging but at the same time super exciting. And as I mentioned it still feels that way. I’m learning every day and journey itself of exploring and developing is something what attracts me. Right, about DJing, it came couple of years later (actually not that long ago) When I was first asked to “play” as a “DJ” I literally had no idea what on earth I was doing, but eventually it all came together (and it still does). In my opinion Deejaying has it’s own charm and It requires huge amount of skills, practice and talent, to develop something unique and not to be yet another “Dj Beatport top 10”. To be honest this two merged to each other for me is still confusing and people who are actual producers or Deejays will understand what I mean, it’s completely different, in today’s “EDM” world they painted this picture of the guy who creates tracks on Thursday evening under 2 hours, then goes out on Friday and plays it to rock the dance floors. well, NO. It doesn’t really work like that and before I get over educative about something which is already obvious in the industry, there is plenty of sources to do research about those two professions if anyone is still feeling confused.

Q. I am interested to find out your early musical influences, could you take me through them?

Music always has been part of my life since I remember myself (I guess that’s early childhood), It’s hard to pick anyone particular as a direct influence, from early ages it was Hip Hop / Rap, then there were bands like Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Moby, Gorillaz, Massive Attack, Royksopp..etc, I could carry on forever.

I guess that’s pretty typical 90s kid walking with badass “Sony Walkman” tape player in the street while head nodding on “Limp Bizkit – My Generation” ripped from live radio. I wouldn’t say that some of those names are the reflection or the reason why my tracks sound as it does but they are definitely part of my musical journey.

Q. What types of music do you sample from?

I don’t use samples unless it’s very rare occasion in which case it’s usually a vocal of someone.

Q. We know you are currently very busy working on couple of new releases, can you tell us more about what is coming up from projects?

Actually I have recently finished my last track which got published couple of days ago as a free download, the track is more about my vivid memories and childhood voices in my head. Mountains, Fireplace and old Georgian folk voices blended into modern synth sounds accompanied with compelling atmospheric groove. One of the projects I have enjoyed working from start to the very end. track is getting a lot of attention and positive feedbacks as I’m talking about this right now.

Stream + Download here:

I’m Also beyond excited about upcoming releases on “Submarine Vibes” coming in early 2017. I’ve worked with my good friend and extremely talented artist “Fec” to create something really special. the rest I’ll let the music do the talking when it gets premiered. There will be also couple of remixes also at the beginning of the new year!


Q. Since you are a deep/tech house producers & Deejay, what is your favorite track of all time?

Extremely tough question for me but It has to be “Domino” by Oxia

Q. Anything you want to say before we start listening to blog-cast you made for us?

Thanks for having me and to anyone as a reader: If you made it all the way to this point hope you found something interesting! 😉