Love Over Beliefs


As long as we accept that there are people who are chosen (us) and people who are damned (them), we will continue to label each other – and be labeled – infidels. And if we are comfortable living in a paradigm that accepts the torment of others based on their interpretation of the divine, then do we belong in the paradise of our beliefs? This is why we have hell on Earth. Because we have created a world of categorization, ignoring the fact that polarization is a sickness. It takes a lot of courage to break free from our ideological prison of duality. But whether or not we choose to liberate ourselves, time has a way of shaking our beliefs to the core. In fact, many we deem to be messengers were once considered heretics. So perhaps beliefs arise not only to reflect the consciousness of our era, but to push us to evolve spiritually. Perhaps we should listen to our hearts instead of obeying our minds. Perhaps we should tune into our inner messengers who are begging us to embody peace and unconditional love.

This may be why there is so much tension in the world surrounding beliefs. Have we ever wondered if it our refusal to let go that is causing all this madness? Have we ever wondered if we are being forced to face our beliefs in order to finally transcend them? Or if we are being invited to surrender everything we have taught and been taught to honor the flow?

For most of us, letting go is a burden we are not ready to unload. We would much rather carry our heave baggage around, because we feel safe in what we feel is the known. The unknown terrifies us, even though the known is dangerous, the known is the matrix of us vs. them. But how much better would we feel – physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally – if we acknowledged diversity, yet viewed it merely as a dance of the divine? How much better would we feel if we could remind ourselves of our oneness while honoring our unique differences?

We cannot heal through belief. In fact, it sometimes appears that the converse can be true. And when belief is more important than love, we are in big trouble. And so I embrace infidels. And I embrace those from other belief systems who consider me an infidel. And I embrace myself, because I find the infidel within me at times.

When we label each other as infidels, depending on our belief systems, we are attacking ourselves; we are attacking a part of our psyche – individual and collective – that we have not yet faced because we are too afraid – of what we will find, of what others will think, of losing our foundation – a foundation of conditioning and labels. Yes, we will continue to attack infidels until we realize that the only infidels are intolerance, arrogance, fear, anger and greed.