Love Here, Now

And let us learn to glorify those who are here as much as we glorify them when they depart. And let us learn to honor their work as it is being done, as much as we honor it when they are not around to see its effect on the community, on humanity. And let us learn to be close to those who we admire while they have breath, and not to latch ourselves to their memory only after death.
Death makes us see a person beyond the filter of the ego. Suddenly that annoying aunt is missed, the teacher who we harassed becomes our hero, the man next door is a beacon of light, that friend we no longer speak to becomes a best friend; because death invites our consciousness to transform. Death invites us to love now, but we keep ignoring the message. This is why family members always wish the deceased could have witnessed the outpouring of love while their son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother was still alive. Because that person wanted nothing in return but love while they were breathing. And though they begot love from their nearest and dearest, one would wonder where the rest of the people who glorify the departed were when he was still on this planet. Souls do not really want recognition, they want love. Why after death? And why is it that we want everyone else to know how connected we are to a deceased person, but while living, there would be no evidence whatsoever to even remotely tie us to each other, apart from the occasional like or sporadic acknowledgment on social media.
How grand would it be to always remember death, so we can restore each others’ faith in humanity, to wash away each others’ doubts? How grand would it be to check on those we admire from time to time, pat them on the back, and let them know how much we adore them. This would inspire everyone to honor their calling, to lean on each other without feeling as though it were burdensome.
Yes, the legacy of a soul remains after death, whether or not they are well-known, but let us learn to shine our own love and light on those we cherish on our planet. Let us learn to love in a way where everyone – from the neighborhood ice-cream man to the CEO at the bank – is treated as a celebrity while they are alive. Let us not wait until someone dies to glorify them. Love here, now…