Lex Pantsmaster “All Is Gone”


“All Is Gone” is Lex Pantsmaster’s very first official release, and Vanina Hänin is extremely proud to unveil it to the music world. It’s a straight-up mesmerizing track undoubtedly asking: What happened to electronic music? In other words, where did the good days go? Has electronic music lost its soul? Is electronic music doomed by extreme overproduction,resulting from a raging digital era of “new“ tracks thrown online every day? Has the mad global network of web distribution sucked creativity into black holes? Pushing the forced “blind & death” media to run towards the most bankable stuff (less valuable), creating the death of good taste, like massive mastodon festivals with endless line-ups – same artist’s names – for shortest performances?

Lex Pantsmaster is a total enigma. No one has ever seen his face, and even the ones who say they met him seem to have vanished immediately afterwards. Stories are numerous, some weirder others, like the fact he’s hiding and producing in an underwater studio somewhere in the Galapagos or French Polynesia.

Lagardere has mastered his own musical vision without any strict genre boundaries. Awarded in 2002 from the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts – Genève – cinéma section, Lagardere was born and raised into an artistic family, and began to learn music when he was 6 years old. His father was a professional trumpeter for 40 years, performing in the world acclaimed classical orchestra “L’Orchestre de la Suisse Romande”. His still growing appetite for rhythm and non-stop passion for music continues to push him to study drum, piano and singing, allowing him to flourish as a drummer and lead vocalist in numerous local bands. He will tour this year with an electro solo pop performance MFEDL (Memories from Electric Distant Lands), a one-hour epic space ride ranging from deep pop electro to techno. The very first single extracted from the show “Beautiful Minds”, remixed by Eric D. Clark, is out on Vanina Hänin. His first solo album MFEDL, on which his live act is based, will soon be released.

Jessie has fully integrated the codes of American House music from the 90’s to better implement them in current modern productions, melding old and new influences into one brand new style, a unique vision of music fueled with astonishing power and beauty, resulting in a spiritual deep house. His music is loaded with soul, funk and African rhythms, and in order to achieve what he is looking for, Jessie isn’t afraid to explore unexpected grounds and even records original musicians like jazz players, pianists, and percussionists. His live sets combine all his influences in a highly energetic prime-time show turning the crowd into an absolute hypnotic dancing frenzy. Jessie is bridging the gap between past and future dance music, and is able to go from the deepest house to the filthiest techno track. Jessie has played alongside Ron Trent, Jovonn, Mike Huckaby, Dj Deep, Hercules & Love Affair, Mr G, Steve Rachmad, Culoe de Song, Tama Sumo, Nick Höppner, Deetron, Chloé, Quarion, Hard Ton, Daniel Avery, Optimo’s Espacio djs, Agaric and many others.

Vanina Hänin Digital 004

Out 20th April 2016

Distributor: Digdis.de

Links: to be announced once online on music platforms

Artwork by cxxxm

  1. Lex Pantsmaster – All Is Gone (Original Mix)
  2. Lex Pantsmaster – All Is Gone (Lagardere Untamed Spirits Remix)
  3. Lex Pantsmaster – All Is Gone (Jessie Remix