La Madre Secular [INTI]


The three series are all about a female (image) stands as an icon of creation and protection that crosses all cultures, regardless of any religious context. It is also a lay representation of the Madonna where the sacred coexists harmonically within the laws of nature.

La Madre Secular I’
Placed in Marseille; was made in collaboration with the Galerie Saint Laurent, at the classic and crowded Marche aux Puces.

06_La Madre Secular 1_Marseille_WEB 07_La Madre Secular 1_Marseille_WEB 08_La Madre Secular 1_Marseille_WEB

‘La Madre Secular II’
Produced for the StreetArt13 project by the Galerie Itinerrance at the 13en district in Paris.

02_La Madre Secular 2_PARIS_2016_WEB 03_La Madre Secular 2_PARIS_2016_WEB 04_La Madre Secular 2_PARIS_2016_WEB

‘La Madre Secular III’
The last of the trilogy, has its place in Lisbon and was made possible by Underdogs.

00_La Madre Secular 3_Lisboa_2016_WEB 01_La Madre Secular 3_Lisboa_2016_WEB