I wanted to take a picture near this wall so I can have an actual story to tell, because behind every #art piece there is one!

A few month ago artists did a beautiful art piece on this wall and after couple of weeks it got ruined by someone who actually doesn’t understand what’s art and he/she actually loved the ugly tagged wall that has been there for ages .. sorry for saying ugly but it was specially after tagging it and having non-sense words on it!

But still no one said anything about that which is really annoying because artists put their time and effort to do something nice and by a stupid mentality it gets ruined .. sadly! so one of the artists actually came back and fixed it and that’s how it looks now “STILL TASTY”! Also I think people here in Kuwait need to be more educated about art and the definition of #appreciation most importantly, because we all need it!

I still see organizations taking the credit for something they didn’t do and not letting people see the right side of the story .. etc. Social media to me exist because we should share the positivity and the accurate news or stories, so by posting captions that actually are misleading is really bad and not nice! So please stop ruining the good work and whatever change we are trying to put in here! Keep your ego and you on a side and do something useful by supporting not taking something that’s not yours!

Artist: #Bufifty