Jixo & Danz [Lebanon] Musician


Playing back-to-back with another DJ is a skill few people have. And we’re not talking one-upping the other Dj with tunes they can’t follow, we’re talking about Djs that feed off each other’s tunes, energy and vibe to create a hands up, heads down affair.

Shall we start!

First question, when did you guys get started in Music and how did you guys meet?

It all started back in the school days when we bought our first mixer and cd players..we are childhood friends, neighbors, went to the same school and moved almost at the same time to dubai..

So growing up, who were those DJs and musicians you guys looked up to, And Who were your musical icons?

The list is too big, but if we have to name a few: Digweed, Sasha, Nick Warren, Cattaneo, Chab, D-Formation, Danny Howells, Deep dish, Depeche Mode…etc

Who do you think is the best ambassador for the genre you play?

Again that’s another difficult one to answer :) we would rather say it’s a fusion of all the above.

You guys have been one of BMI-UAE resident DJS and you have played for so many djs like Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Luciano, Nina Kraviz, Sven Vath, Dixon and so many more. Now when did it all start with BMI and who you would love to play along with this year?

It started actually in Ibiza when we went 4 years ago to BM and met the crew there. They were about to open their club in Dubai few month later and that was the beginning of a long and ongoing amazing journey with BMI…we are expecting a solid line up for next year along with some fresh names to be added on the list.


You have been to so many events and concerts in Beirut (your hometown), how do you find the crowd there and which one was your favorite?

There is always something special about the crowd in Beirut, they never disappoint, real party people that keep on dancing till the early morning hours.. and this applies to all electronic music event or clubs in general that are properly managed.

Where have you played before other than Beirut and Dubai? Any festival you have been part of?

We played in Malaysia, Greece, Jordan, Egypt, Ibiza and at GrooveFest in the Dominican Republic in September 2015.


Do you have any plans towards producing?

We have always wanted to take a step forward in production, but it’s quite difficult at the moment since we are quite busy in our day jobs (we both work in the media-advertising industry)

Outside of EDM what other genres do you listen to today and how do these genres influence your music?

We are open to all genre of music, and it definitely influences the music we play.

Are you guys ambitious?

If so, towards what ends? everyone has an ambition in life. We are currently living a double life having a day job in the media industry and a DJ career. We are happy and satisfied with what we have achieved so far in both…let s how far it will goes :)


If you were organizing a party or festival, what would be your dream line up of artists?

Actually it all depends on the event itself and the theme around it. we would rather not call it a dream line up as sometimes you end up listening to the best set from the most random night ever :)

Do you have any shoutout you want to give?

Peace and long live good music :)

Where can people listen to your music?

SoundCloud and Facebook Page 

Thank you!