Jeff Guest Of Get Out – November 2014


DJ Jeff, a name to reckon with in the music business, born and raised in Lebanon, discovered his passion for music at an early age. First time to DJ a party was at the age of 12.

He fell in love with the turn table and he decided to sharpen his talent and work on his skills to reach high levels of creativity and professionalism.

Started from his own record shop with his brother Dj Mr.B and began producing music with his first track “Creeping Death” that set ACID club in Beirut on fire.

During the following 3 years DJ Jeff went from Club to Club and from Radio station to another until he finally got himself a special place with Fame FM in 2002.

His career took its shape when he participated in the ACID DJ reqruiting trial, and was easily selected to be the resident DJ there in Novemeber 2003.

6 years after that DJ Jeff was one of the big names in Beirut and a dominant master of the dance floor of Acid with a big following that is addicted to his mixes and his compositions.

To expand his career DJ Jeff decided to relocate to Dubai, the biggest clubbing Hub in MENA, and immediately was selected to lead the party nights as a resident DJ at Ciro’s Pomodoro club.

With a unique signature, up-to-date international standard production quality, DJ Jeff has over 30 original tracks, some of them were played in Acid and were under heavy demand from the clubbers. Non of them is officially released yet, though (with no surprise) few of them were captured illegally by radios and DJs in UAE and other Arab countries and included in their sets.

He has a video for one of his original compositions titled “Shh.. Keep It Secret” directed by “Roger Zougheib”.

DJ JEFF: A mastermind and a producer that is promising to rock the dance floors and change the face of House Music in this part of the world FOREVER!