#irespectlife [We are all the same we are all humans]


By nature we all need to respect the fact that other lives need to be respected. When we say respect life respect it by its all meanings. We are at the end of the day humans and if we really believe in humanity we need to be aware of the responsibilities that we have toward ourselves and others.

There is no difference between a Muslim and a Christian… A white man or a black lady… Someone educated or someone who suffered a lot and he wasn’t able to finish or complete his studies.

The story behind #irespectlife is, that the founders have noticed that the numbers of death cases has increased the fast 4 years in a very big percentage in Kuwait and no one is paying attention that all those lives got wasted because of us being very careless and not putting in consideration that we need to respect other’s people’s live (FAST CARELESS DRIVING). So why don’t we do an awareness campaign that will encourage the young generation to be more aware about being safe not only on their lives even on the others too, at the end and again we are both humans and deserve to be appreciated through the simplest and easiest things.

As we all know AKON concert that has been organized by ZAWAYA and the whole point behind is SAFE DRIVING! But unfortunately the event got shutdown a day before of the event [Shame].

Once we decided to make something for a good cause that’s how we get rewarded. But I have to THANK Zawaya for trying to be the change we want to see in the world.

And I just want to make something clear before the event got shutdown I was on Twitter which I know for a fact it’s the main reason behind the mess that happened and all the chaos that the organizer has gone through. The tweets were ridicules and what’s makes it very annoying that the first tweet about canceling the Saturday event came from KSA! Lol how stupid is that, it didn’t even start from the country we love it came all the way from the country that has no right to say anything. How ironic!

As much as we love social media but sometimes it can be the main issue or the mean reason behind a problem that has no problem from the beginning.

And not to forget that it got canceled because of AKON had mentioned بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  [In the name of Allah]  in one of his songs. The irony is that those closed minded people already knows that AKON is already a MUSLIM singer and any Muslim once he want to start something he says بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم [In the name of Allah] it so sad that we have showed the whole world that even us MUSLIMS doesn’t really understand our religion and we always need to go to the extremist way to force people about an idea or a thought that already don’t mean anything in reality and we till now don’t really understand ISLAM. also not to forgot that one of AKON’s contract terms and conditions was its not allowed for anyone to have any kind of alcohol around him or around the stage that’s how religious is this guy and he was raised on that.

It is a SAD story but welcome to our reality and the life we live in and yeah no one actually respect the tiny matters of LIFE.

Enough of that, the good news now are that our LOCAL talents going to be opening for AKON in Sweden on the 29th of AUGUST. And it makes you feel happy and proud to know that there are still people who believes in your cause. The management of #irespectlife started getting phone calls and emails to host their event in many different countries and one of them was Sweden.  We should be PROUD of what those beautiful minds are trying to do and we need to show them support and put in mind that we are the majority but MONEY TALKS if you know what I mean.