IEMZA is a French artist who lives in Reims. He is fascinated by chaotic settings, reinforced concrete and abandoned building – basically, rubble. Which forms the mainspring for most of his output. He views these disregarded spaces as fertile ground in which born his creations can be – germinated paradoxically by what appears to have sunk into oblivion and desertion.

Born in 1978, Iemza grew up in the Mont Bernon, a neighborhood classified as “sensitive” in Epernay, France. Rap, hip-hop and graffiti where part his surroundings as he grew up. Interested in still and moving images, he assembled a colection of architectural images from the ’60s, such as Japanime, up to today’s films.

His relationship with the concrete around him and street art is a profound one. He draws and experiments in abandoned places in Reims during his formative years. Yemza goes to the peripheries, to industrial sites and abandoned and derelict factories. He searches for spaces that are “on standby”, where he can intervene as he wishes. These places have a soothing effect on him, but he also feels excitement making his art there. These escapades are also an opportunity to meet people who live at the margins of society, living a parallel life.

His work is informed by these places. The empty walls are empty canvases on which he spray paints his creations. His lines are instinctive, coming directly from his gestures and from the tension he feels in these places. His hand traces with the paint, and the result is more raw than his surfaces of color or his contours.

He draws utopian cities of happiness, inspired by mythical cities like Atlantida and Laputa. The viewer is taken away bu his aerial oceans and clouds.