I have to say that my rave adventures started in 2008, when I first attended an event by NRJ (promoter) in beirut and Deep Dish was on the lineup. Back then Ronald Hajjar and Nabih Esta were playing together as Ronin & Nesta and I have to say it was a hell of a night. After that event, my eyes and ears got open towards the electronic and underground music and I fell in love, and started going every 2 month just to attend one of the monthly events that use to happen by NRJ or Mix FM 104.4.

Now; last time I’ve been into one was 6 years ago and when I saw that HYTE will be coming to Beirut, I couldn’t help it and I booked immediately a ticket to lebanon!

To be honest there are names you do not actually want to miss and once you see their names on a flyer the rush hits you! some of these names are Loco Dice and Tale Of Us. So I’m really excited for the 17th of December and I will try / do my best  to cover it (LIVE) on Facebook during the whole event, not to forget that Monoloc who just released an epic album. Oh and we got a lady on the lineup too and not a regular one .. Cuky!

Super early birds – tickets are already sold out and the new wave is already on, and I have no doubt that this event will be a sold out one!

I have to wish the guys (Off & On) the best of luck, and I’m really looking forward!

Event of Facebook