Hats & Klaps [KSA-JORDAN] Musician


Their music is ultimately about touching emotions and moving bodies, all while giving a unique way of dynamism to their musical set, and I personally got introduced to their music 2-3 years ago and I simply love them and their musical vibes.

Who’s behind Hats & Klaps

Hamza: The love, Respect & Passion for music.

Amin: There is no specific person behind Hats and Klaps, as its pure passion and common interest and specially a perfect chemistry and musical taste.

How did you both meet? And when did Hats & Klaps started?  

Hamza: We met through a mutual friend back in 2012. Then 3 month after that we went to Ibiza & everything started to snowball since then, where the taste for sound & music started to match between us.

Amin:  I was supposed to meet Hamza for the first time in a gig which we were schedule to spin a back to back set there unfortunately I couldn’t make it and Hamza ended up spinning the whole night. So I guess he took a bad first impression about me, then shortly after that we met through a mutual friend, after that we did Ibiza and the magic just started.


Back then who were the musicians that influenced you?

Hamza: I’ve been listening to music since I was a kid also you enjoy dancing & getting lose, especially when your born in 80s , growing up in the 90s  listening to all the musical culture around you it shapes you somehow , also with classical oriental Arabic & middle Eastern music was so inspiring , at that time pop & old school hip hop also made a huge influence back in a days, ill mention some names who influenced me like: (om kalthom  , pink Floyd, Michael Jackson , Santana, bob Marley , miles Davis , Rolling stone & loots of many names).

Amin:  I’ve been always inspired & influenced by the Spanish culture in general and the music culture over there, mainly the classical guitar, Flamenco & all the beauty that comes with it. In addition, I was heavily inspired by the classical Arabic & Middle eastern music. However, to name some of the artists that influenced me with their music I say (Estrella Morente, Pastora Galvan, Bob Dylan, Beegees, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, and Fayrouz).

Who would you love to play alongside with? 

Hamza: There are lots of legendary djs that I would love to play alongside, i’ll mention couple of names, (Jeff Mills , John Digweed).

Amin: I would love to play alongside with Hernan Cattaneo, Luciano, and Pan-Pot.


You guys have played in so many places and cities, which one was your favorite and which one was the worst event? 

Hamza: U.S.A – L.A & Chicago so far was my favorite, and of course Ibiza with all the mix of multinational people who are coming from all around the world, to bring the good vibes and enjoyment that will end everyone go back with unforgettable experience and remains in his memory for ever. Add to that it’s an island, so being there is just so inspiring. Despite the other commercial side.

Amin: Our favorite one so far was in U.S.A – lose Angeles at Clinic Wednesday, with Edu imbernon, As far the worst in terms of production and sound system was in Rome , chandelier after party.

Which festival you would love to play at? 

Hamza: With all the amazing festivals that are going around the world, I’ll have to mention some Like (Sonar & ADE).

Amin: We would like to play in all of them, but for the sake of the interview I’ll say (Awakening festival, Time wrap & Coachella).

Any upcoming gigs for 2015? 

Yeah we are doing Ibiza, Amsterdam, L.A, and Miami during the upcoming months.

When you guys decided to move towards producing your own music?

Hamza: Since my early childhood I’ve been enjoying music & Dancing, so I’ve been attached to music, trying to play on keyboard and other instruments,, until the time I meet Amin in 2012 and we decided to start setting up our own studio to produce our own sounds & music and it got extended from there as I discovered analogs which made me play around the music with drum machines and synthesizers, where the journey of exploring sounds began & we loved it, we like also to add our unique touches & sounds from our culture, background, personalities, to make it special & original.

Amin: I’ve been always in and out of music production and Ableton software since 2008 but with no major production as I was focusing more on building my own library for playing live acts, then shortly after I met Hamza and after spending lots of time in the studio together, we felt it’s time to write our own music, and direct our energy towards that to convert the sounds that are running in our heads and the emotions that we felt into Music.

One of my favorite tracks that you guys have released is Chicago one ten with losin sleep records & the remix of Cavo by Vinyl Mode.. Any upcoming ones accept the ones we already know about? Any special collaborations happening soon? 

Yeah, the flow of the music won’t ever stop. As we have some new material such as – Flight disorder, – About Last Night, and – Story of Minds. Of course we are always open for collaboration, in the meantime we are working on some collaborations with our friends from L.A & NY, and also some of the locale talented musicians & Djs.

Every DJ I interview and who’s already based in KSA, I love asking him about the music scene over there. Because each one of you see it in a different way and perspective. So tell me about?

We see it as the Real underground scene for those who can find it .It remind us of what we used to see in documentaries about the underground music scene in Germany which was risky and illegal there, but of course it has its ups & downs points.

UP point: it Leads us to spend more time in studio experimenting sounds, playing with equipment’s trying to implement our own sounds & ideas to our music, and that automatically reduced the amount of distraction and  we get to focus more on improving our production.

Down point: lack of exposure for the music scene, although we move around quit well but we still feel we need to get more exposure.  but all comes with time , as we said earlier we are focusing now more on making music & exploring sounds, and getting good releases  with some good record labels, sure due to our geographical location it needs extra amount of time & dedication achieve what we want. However we are planning to move soon from here pursuing our love for music.

Any special shout out you would like to shout?

Yes for our beloved Team for their support, (management, Graphics Designer, and artist). Family & friends who are supporting us, The amazing fans, also our Boys & Dear friends Vinyl mode, and  Bk Rogers ) who are doing great work and spreading the good vibe, and one lovely shout out for get out team for doing such a great work.

Thank you.