Follow The Rino: Timo Maas & Reset Robot


Follow the Rino began as small gatherings of friends, all sick of frequenting the same venues and looking to explore the hidden gems Lebanon has to offer and share a good time with similar-minded people.

To me this will be the first Rino event that I will follow all the way from Kuwait, and what makes it more exciting is the lineup. Cannot believe I am finally attending Timo Maas and Reset Robot alongside with the locals.

 Details about the international line-up:

Timo Maas
With his “musical wizard” and 35-years of exploring the clubs of the world, Timo Maas is ultimately an artist whose roots lie within the club environment. He is the first and foremost, DJ injecting his experience in the booth to his artistry in the studio.  On the solo front Timo has been busier than ever, with a slew of original productions and remixes. Artists like Pezzner and Loco Dice benefitted from his expert touch in recent times, not to mention an EP titled Once Upon A Time on Sasha’s legendary Last Night on Earth label. In conjunction with his studio work, Timo maintains his own label, Rockets & Ponies, which has been home to some seminal works – in particular, an EP comprising of Ricardo Villalobos’ remixes of famous German jazz drummer Wolfgang Haffner. 
As time passes by, Timo Maas remains relevant, hungry and bursting with ideas. He inspires the new generation, who in turn inspire him.
Reset Robot
Who or what is Reset Robot? The man behind the moniker is Dave Robertson (DRUMCODE), Portsmouth based DJ/producer of some repute. Influenced by clubs such as Fabric and Slinky, DJs such as Sasha, Digweed and the Wiggle boys, with time served behind the record store counter, he sculpted his sound meticulously over time, honing it until he was fully ready to deliver a newly crafted sonic signature with a sound that is at times minimal, yet always accessible; dark, but displaying flashes of blinding light; heavy, though so often floating weightless; Reset Robot is the best kind of contradiction – and the fourth DRUMCODE artist to #FollowTheRino. But you already knew that. And if you didn’t, now is the time to find out.

Friday 18 November 2016 
Doors open 10 P.M
Beirut, Lebanon.
Venue: TBA
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