Finbarr [United Kingdom]


“I create my art to keep myself happy… if others like it then thats a great by-product” Finbarr

When did it all begin? And how did you first become interested in street art/graffiti?

I started painting about 7 years ago but I had been noticing stuff on the streets of London for a few years before that. The changes in style were the things I noticed the most. People like Btoy, Lucamaleonte and others were, for me, making huge strides away from the general look and feel of stencil art… that’s what got my attention

Which artist/s influenced you?

Any artist I was interested in then only influenced my decision to start doing stencil work. None of them influenced me in terms of style, I don’t think, as I always wanted to do something different

What style is your work?

I’m not really sure how to describe it. I use stencils and spray mainly but I don’t spray in the traditional way. I also use everything and anything I can to get the best end result. I’m not a purist by any means and don’t shy away from doing something just because it might be frowned upon by others. I like to think I work without restrictions both mentally and artistically

Are there any particular cultures that have influence your artwork?

Asian most definitely. Everything from old manuscripts to Manga/Anime… they’ve all had an impact.

What is the source of your inspiration these days?

The inspiration to do what I do comes simply from a desire not to return to my previous way of life. The inspiration for the content of my work is a little harder to pin down… I really have no idea where it’s all come from

What do your pieces usually focus on?

Asian beauty in the main. Usually accompanied by a mask/splash of paint.

What is the riskiest thing you have ever done?

That had absolutely nothing to do with painting… it was the product of a misspent childhood

Are you generally satisfied with your finished piece?

Satisfied enough to know that the piece is good but also that I can still do better. It’s important to me not to get all ‘ego’ about my work. I want to remain levelheaded and humble about whatever people say about my work and me

Do you listen to music while working? Or you need a quite environment?

When I’m in the studio I listen to music constantly but when I’m doing street work I prefer not to: I want the surroundings to seep in to my head and hopefully influence what I’m painting in some way.

Where your work is usually located?

All over the place but the greatest number of pieces is definitely in Paris

Do you find it difficult to do your work in the streets?

Not at all; I never have done… even on my very first attempt at a street art event with lots of people watching. It’s always felt very natural to me.

Have you ever had any problems with authority cause of your work?

Most of my work is legal nowadays so it’s rare. But just recently in Palm Springs a mural I painted caused quite a stir and was even featured on East Coast news channels. Essentially it was the wall owner who would have been held responsible but he stood up for the work against the city council and the mural remains to this day.

Do you have a formal art education?

No, none whatsoever… and I’m glad of that for the most part.

Would you rather paint alone? Or do you prefer collaborate with others?

Either: as long as the end result and process is pleasing. I think I pick wisely when I collaborate… essentially going for people who have a style and energy that compliment my own.

Have you every collaborated with other artists?

Yes all the time. If it feels right I’ll do it… if it doesn’t I wont. It’s that simple.

What do you see as the future of street art / graffiti?

I don’t really think about those things at all.

How do you feel about photographers / bloggers in the scene?

They have their place in the scene much like the rest of us.