I have to say that I need to thank my friend Valerio Taiocchi for introducing me to you guys and it happened through an Instagram post that blow my mind.

I’m really happy to have you with us and know how is the scene in Tehran is, never knew that there is an underground scene in Tehran!

Q. Whose behind Deep House Tehran?

Farbod Darwish and Nesa Azadikhah

Q. When did you decided to start the empire of deep house in Tehran?

Deep House Tehran originally started as an instagram page and we often reposted from instagram pages of other artists. After some time and  much planning our weekly podcast “Tehran Night” was added and the nature of our work suddenly shifted. Immediately after that, we started  running our Facebook page, Soundcloud and are currently working on our  website.

Q. Why Deep House?

By surprise when coming up with the name “Deep House Tehran”, nothing was planned. However, It was the first name that came up and was chosen perhaps due to the nature of its fan base in Iran. Having said that “Deep House London” and “Deep House Amsterdam” who have been active for many years are also two website that we are looking forward in becoming part of  their communities in the near future.


Q. How growing is the scene over there?

These Days electronic music in particular in Iran has many fans. Many Electronic music concerts are performed by DJ’s in different places and events. The integration between ‘Sonata” and “Electronic” music has become more and more eye catching these days and has become extremely popular in Iran.

Q. While going through your pages I noted that you mention that you review EP. And albums, have you considered being a record label in the future?

Yes, In fact, we have put lots of thought into this idea and have decided that DHT is not the appropriate name for this particular project. Therefore, we decided that it is better to leave DHT in the form of online magazine and internet related projects. Although , we will soon be running our own record label.

Q. Your weekly podcast always has a new guest or you have resident DJS at your show?

Our weekly “Tehran Night” podcast has a new guest every week. 90% of these artists are music producer/DJ who are actively working in and outside of Iran.

Q. Any organization in mind you would like to collaborate with or partnership in event outside Tehran?

Not at this time. But in the future we absolutely look forward to collaborating with other foreign artist outside of Iran and even performing events outside of Iran.

Q. Where do you see DEEP HOUSE TEHRAN in 3 years?

We have many goals for “Deep House Tehran”. We have recently started performing live electronic music in many events in Tehran. Our purpose is to increase our live performances and become strong promoters. In -addition, we are looking to start our own record label in a very  professional level. Lastly, continuing to support our many talented Iranian artists to the best that we could and depending on our position.

Q. Any shoutout you would like to say?

We anticipate and are very optimistic for “Deep House Tehran” to continue its path in achieving the many goals it is aiming to achieve.