Darek Recordings presents [Nico Cano – Tronadub]


Nico Cano is a DJ and Producer from Bariloche, Argentina. He started learning music at a very young age and his first professional experience was in the 90’s as a drummer and percussionist in a local rock band. His career as an electronic music DJ finally began in ’98 in his native town in the South of Argentina. His sounds combine various subtle House genres, groovy Tech House and powerful Techno. He has also been touring during the last decade, with packed shows around Colombia, Brasil, Peru, Chile, Panama, Uruguay, Mexico and his home country.

The news is that on the 14th of June 2016, he will be releasing his EP. Tronadub with Darek RecordingsThis release includes two original tracks, as well as a dubby remix by Glasidum.

PS: After listening to the EP. all i can say is #Killer!