Cranio Artes [Brazil]


He was born in 1982 and grew up in Sao Paulo. It was in 1998 that Fabio began to cover the gray walls of his home town with his work and besides spray, he always carries a lot creativity and good humor in his backpack.

When did it all begin? And how did you first become interested in street art/ graffiti?

Everything started when I was at primary school. People use to call me Cranio (means Skull). It all begun in school and also with hip hop music videos that have shown me in the background the graffiti walls in USA. I was inspired and started painting letters in the school and later in the streets.

Which artist/s influenced you?

Salvador Dali and lots of comic artists

What style is your work?

I work with graffiti but my style is my main character, the blue indigenous people. It’s a mixture of Technics of graffiti, painting and lots of illustrations ideas on it.

Are there any particular cultures that have influence your artwork?

Sure, the indigenous tribes in Brazil and the big cultural influences our society have upon them.

What is the source of your inspiration these days?

It’s everything that is happening in the cities, country, sustainability, politics and consumerism. I want to alert people and showing them what is going on. Usually those things we don’t discuss, or don’t realized we are spending too much money in not really important things, but we do without thinking like buying famous brands while there are more important issues like our environment.

What do your pieces usually focus on?

Usually I’ve talked about sustainability, politics and consumerism, but I have my playful and surreal side, my movies themes such as Simpsons, Ronald McDonald, super heroes etc. But they are always criticizing something important. I want to show what is happening nowadays, so the future generations will know what was going on these days. The whole idea is preserve what is going on now. I don’t want only to do a nice illustration; I need to have an important concept behind it.

What is the riskiest thing you have ever done?

I’ve been arrested a few years ago because I was painting on the streets. But I was doing my art that many people like them. And I was accused of disrespect environment because actually there is no law yet against graffiti in Brazil.

Are you generally satisfied with your finished piece?

I’m always looking for more details and trying to learn everyday more Technics to make my work better, more durable and also with more quality. So I can be satisfied and people that like to collect my work can be sure those works will be here in the future.

Do you listen to music while working? Or you need a quite environment?

Sometimes I do but only in my Atelier.

Where your work is usually located?

Today is everywhere, on the streets, abandon industries, houses, hospitals, old schools etc.

Do you find it difficult to do your work in the streets?

No, it’s easy if you know what you are doing. But the only issue is that in Sao Paulo, Brazil the city services paint all walls with gray saying this is vandalism, so lots of nice works have been deleted.

Do you have a formal art education?

No, I’ve learned all by myself and talking and painting with other artists. Visiting museums and reading about other technics.

Would you rather paint alone? Or do you prefer collaborate with others?

I like to paint what I’m thinking and usually when I paint with other artists they don’t want to criticize anything, they usually do the same work. I want to do something new, new messages are important, not the same work over and over again. But I have a few artists, friends of mine that I have painted together that I like very much.

Have you every collaborated with other artists?

Sure, I’ve just finished a big 100m2 wall in Barcelona and Pez from Barcelona, collaborate with me:

What do you see as the future of street art / graffiti?

I believe graffiti has evolved and today lots of art schools are teaching this technics and also concepts, so every day is appearing more and more street artists. I guess this is something natural and will happen with any kind of art situation. Today graffiti is becoming so accepted by populations and governments that is becoming more street art then other thing.

How do you feel about photographers / bloggers in the scene?

I guess they are very important to how our work and interesting things that is original.