Cityzenkane CZK [United Kingdom]


Over the past few years I have been making sculptures and attach them to walls in public spaces for everyone passes by to see. I also make unique polymer clay sculptures.

When did it all begin? And how did you first become interested in street art/graffiti?

I’ve been drawing and making sculptures since I was young.  A friend of mine Paul Dugdale opened my eyes to the street art scene in Shoreditch London. Most of it was 2D so I thought I’d try 3D street art. I liked the idea of by passing galleries and having far more people see my work in the open air.

Which artist/s influenced you?

HR Gieger, Anish Kapoor, Moebius, Roger Dean.

What style is your work?

Sculpture, occasional 2D working towards both.

Are there any particular cultures that have influence your artwork?

The ancient Sanskrit teachings of the East otherwise known as the Vedas have been a big influence. Ancient cultures and civilization in tandem with sci fi are my major influences.

What is the source of your inspiration these days?

Pretty much the same. Having said that there seems to be an emphasis on inspiration here. For me its about realizing the sub-conscious.  At the moment its pretty dark, but that’s where my feelings are at the moment I just try to express it with my art.

What do your pieces usually focus on?

I try and focus on the shock of the unusual seated in the mundane.

What is the riskiest thing you have ever done?

Putting a one and a half tone sculpture on a wall for the Chichester Street art festival. Its made of solid concrete and it took five men to get it on the wall and some super strong glue.

Are you generally satisfied with your finished piece?

I’m more satisfied lately because I only do legal pieces which allows me to take my time and generally do a good job. Having said that most artists have the internal conflict of ego, sensitivity and insecurity. I always leave a piece thinking I could have done it better.

Do you listen to music while working? Or you need a quite environment?

I prefer silence or the ambient sounds of the street.

Where your work is usually located?

East London

Do you find it difficult to do your work in the streets?

The biggest problem is finding space. It’s a hustle and good walls a at a premium in London. I want to explore putting my work in more natural or unusal places.

Have you ever had any problems with authority cause of your work?

Lets say I’ve had my fair share of run ins. I watched the council removing and smashing fresh pieces which is frustrating. Its not so bad now though. I think the authorities realize the value of street art not just in the community but internationally.

Do you have a formal art education?


Would you rather paint alone? Or do you prefer collaborate with others?

I make my work in my studio alone and then put it on the street. I do like the idea of colabs. I have a project in September in Berlin, called double trouble collaborating with Christiaan Nagel, I’m also talking to My Dog Sighs and Hin about a colab.

Have you every collaborated with other artists?

Not as yet

What do you see as the future of street art / graffiti?

I think the scene is more vibrant than its ever been, so many artists exploring new and exciting ideas and techniques. Street art is constantly evolving and pushing boundaries. It never fails to amaze me.

How do you feel about photographers / bloggers in the scene?

I’m always flattered that anyone would want to photograph or blog my work and it great that they do. Overall I think it’s a very healthy aspect of the scene.