Christmas & New Years in Beirut


I usually hate planning for my short trips, because every time I plan something I get disappointed and that’s exactly what happened when I actually fully planned my Christmas / New Year vacation in Beirut but I’m not going to complain and all I can say is Elhamdollah.

Let’s talk about that special Christmas eve night at B018. I actually expected to miss it out since I arrived at the same night but I made it and I’m so happy that I did. The night started with Jade & Tala but at that time I was still at the airport, so when I got there Eli & Ziad were playing that SICK-WICKED set. They dropped couple of tones that actually made me go crazy. Met a lot of people that I didn’t expect that I’m going to see, because all the faces I saw came from all around middle east.


Also at this trip I got to visit Behind The Green Door couple of times and I LOVE IT! Beautiful venue/music and people. It was crazy and it was a SUNDAY!

After missing out SVEN VATH night because of sickness, I had to take an action so when my friend Carol Souki arrived to Lebanon I told her there is a place I want you to check it out, so I took her again to behind the green door and it was KAVE!!! night and that was a two hours of BLAST specially with Romax playing COLOUR MY HEART.

Before heading to bey I heard Mahmut Orhan will be playing at BLACK, so I got super excited and specially when the rest of the gang arrived from Kuwait that night and they actually decided to spend their night at BLACK too!

Loved the place, hated the music and the bouncers. When you get someone like Mahmut you don’t play commercial music #justsaying, so that was such a turn off, not to forget the rude bouncer who didn’t want to let me in because I was wearing my funky Ecco shoe but thanks for a friend who made sure I’m in “You;re too sport and casual for black” he said! But I enjoyed that night a lot because of the people, my people, the Kuwaiti gang!

Oh! before I end that I really recommend a place called SAPA Beirut “Achrafieh, Lebanon’ and Bottoms up in Mar Mikhael “Cute Bartnder” hahaha!