Bulgarian nights in Kuwait!


Last week I attended a musical evening at Dar Alathar Alislamiyah, they organize musical events once a week. The night was full of intoxicating music from Beethoven to Mozart to Pipkoo.

The name of the band is Bulgarian Dreams.  On the Soprano was Anna Karadimitrova, her voice truly is enchanting, the way she synchronizes her voice with music was something worthy of international recognition. Her notes were out of this world, an amazing voice.  Mariana Todorova was on the Violin. The violin being my favorite musical instrument, was played very well if I do say so myself. She delivered an amazing performance.

Preslao Petkoo, the Clarinet, was really good although I couldn’t quite hear every note because it was sort of overshadowed with the other instruments. As for the Piano, that was the best part of the evening, the most enchanting instrument played that night, was played by Harriet Pethrick Bushman. Other pieces played included Sarasate, Stoyanoo, Zlateo, Vladigeroo, Hadijeo, Shostakovic, Cherkin and Goleminoo.

It was a mesmerizing experience .