Beirut Musical Marathon


My trip to Beirut-Lebanon was planned just to attend couple of events that’s been hosted by different promoters and had on the lineup some wicked names.


I will start with the main event that I wanted badly to go to and it was hosted by #followtherino. On the decks they had many interesting names internationally and locally. To be honest I can’t say it was the best from an organizing perspective, but I have to say that the guys picked a nice location with beautiful headliners and the music was off the hook and I loved it.


The next day I had the chance to attend two events, one at Pre Beirut and at that one Art Department was supposed to play but unfortunately he got sick and didn’t make it, but I was able to catch Rolbac & RayanM playing. After that I went directly to Play Room where Darin Epsilon was playing.


Wasn’t a chilled weekend at all! Just saying!

The weekend after and for the first time, I had the opportunity to go and check The Grand Factory that been hosting C U NXT SAT. Spacious venue, great sound system and music but the crowd I didn’t like much “teenagers” or I’m just getting old … maybe! But at the same location there was another party “private one and by a guest-list” called REUNION! that was such a nice one from music “Ronin was playing by that time” to location and crowd but more ac’s and fans were needed.


Last but not least I did OFF & ON two times after that weekend and its all because of Eli Atala and RayanM. The beautiful journeys they took me through was beyond amazing and I’m willing to book a ticket and go every now and then just for these two!


I’ve been to more during the 10 days’ vacation, but I think you need to go and discover the scene by yourself in Lebanon because its really interesting. I’ve been to Europe but I have to say that there is something about Beirut that makes me always go back!

I’m going back soon for a bigger adventure #yestoall which will be on the 17th of December, will be sharing more details soon.