ASHEKMAN lands in Kuwait Tomorrow


Urban Culture Week kicks off this weekend by presenting for the first time in Kuwait Ashekman twins Mohammed and Omar Kabbani – the incredibly talented street artists from Lebanon, in association with Jedareyat.

Established in 2001 in Beirut/Lebanon by identical twin, ASHEKMAN is an Arabic street art concept that comprises Arabic Graffiti, Calligraphy, Arabic Rap and Arabic street wear.

Proud of their heritage and language, the ASHEKMAN twins’ mission is to revive the rich Arabic culture and history through art, and to make the Arabic language/calligraphy more visually appealing especially with the globalization that is invading the mainstream media. During their short stay, the duo will be revamping an ancient building wall in Kuwait City “Jaber Al Mubarak Street – Next to Baking Tray”, marking the city with their creativity. via

Supported by: Jotun Paints and Montana Cans “Kuz Store”