Amara Por Dios [Sweden]


In the past three years, Amara has been painting more than ever and is gaining recognition for her work and been doing art full time. In 2013 she moved to London and been painting on the streets regularly.

Today we are about to know more about her street life as an artist.

When did it all begin? And how did you first become interested in street art/graffiti?

I did my first “graffiti “piece when I was about 8-9 years old with crayons. I didn’t really know what graffiti was about but I had seen it a lot. When I was 12 years old I started for real. My tag was Siesta (because I love sleeping) my cousins got me in to it. They had a crew and I thought they were cool and I wanted to be cool as well :)

Which artist/s influenced you?

Cantwo,  Sere, Karma, Blue, Ollio, Ruskig basically the artists that were active beginning of 2000.  Bought lots of magazine which I studied and copied a lot.

What style is your work?  

My style is very colorful. I love colors. I like using contrast colors and sometimes every color I have. Some pieces have a bunch of colors it’s because I use all of my left overs and just mix it all together. I also like using colors that not really go together but make it work anyway. I also heard I’m colorblind but a lot of people like the use of my color themes so that’s a good sign I guess.  Faces is something I almost paint all the time. As a kid I just love painting faces I don’t know really why. It’s just you can do it all the time and change it a bit and it never gets boring, not for me at least. I like to do surreal images, I don’t like to paint realistic. I just paint what comes up in my mind. And it’s a nice feeling I have found my style because I can paint anything really. It’s freedom having your own style.

Are there any particular cultures that have influence your artwork?

 I have Chilean heritage and I feel like my inner soul just comes up with these pieces that’s really South American looking. It’s weird. I’m born and raised in Sweden but I guess you always have a connection to your roots somehow.

What is the source of your inspiration these days?

At the moment I’m not feeling very inspired, I’ve been painting non-stop for 3 months and I think I need to reload my creativity.

What do your pieces usually focus on?

What I’m feeling at the moment. Some pieces for me it’s about the process and not just the finished result. It’s like a meditation when I’m painting. Like cleaning in your mind, if I don’t paint I feel down or crazy.

What is the riskiest thing you have ever done?

I quit my full time job, dumped my boyfriend and moved in to my studio to do art full time.

Are you generally satisfied with your finished piece?

Not really. If I’ve been working on a piece for one or two days or more I can’t really see what I’ve done because I’ve been staring at it all day. It takes me about 2-3 days to tell if I’m happy with it or not. Usually I’m happy. But when I see my work one year later I’m not that happy about it.

Do you listen to music while working? Or you need a quite environment?

 I love music; I have to listen to music when I’m painting canvases. When I’m out in the streets I don’t listen to music as much because I’m with people a lot.

Where your work is usually located?

In London I’ve painted a lot in the Shoreditch area. Some of it has been painted over so I have to get up more. I want to paint more around London and just not east. I also want to travel more and paint more in other countries.

Do you find it difficult to do your work in the streets?

 I love painting on the streets. I love to be out and meeting new people. I gained so much painting on the streets, new friends, commissions, supporters and love. And of course I met crazy people and people that like to start trouble but that’s just a part of being a street artist.

Have you ever had any problems with authority cause of your work?

Not really

Do you have a formal art education?

I studied art In Collage.

If YES! Do you feel that you benefited from it?

First I didn’t feel like it but I learnt a lot there and I studied art for 3 years. What I learnt most from is studying other artist. I feel comfortable with my style and I know what I want to become better at so I’m just learning myself by studying other artist.. I’m self thought ! When I started with spray paint I was terrible but I just kept going and that’s what will get you far. It’s usually not about talent it’s about the desire and the hunger.

Would you rather paint alone? Or do you prefer collaborate with others?

Both!! It’s a bit boring painting alone but then I can paint what I want and focus on my thing. Painting with others is more spontaneous and social and loads of fun.

Have you every collaborated with other artists?

Yes a lot recently. It’s great to collaborate with other artists. You get inspired and come up with new things after.

What do you see as the future of street art / graffiti?

It will get more accepted and also more people will try to get money out of it. People have to remember where it started and came from.

How do you feel about photographers / bloggers in the scene?

It’s great. It makes more people interested and aware of the art scene. I’m actually surprised how many people that go around and take photos.