Abdulrazzaq Al Shamali [Kuwait]


When and how did you first become interested in art/graffiti?

Since I was a young child, I had a passion towards scribbling on large spaces like every other kid. My favorite was the walls and doors of my parents’ house. Later during the iraqi invasion scribbling transformed to art on paper from the frustration caused. Later I studied Graphic Design and Fine Arts at the Lebanese American University. Living in lebanon inspired me a lot and made me see art from other dimensions than typical.

  • Today I might feel a bit schizophrenic having three art personalities
  • The professional Graphic Designer/ Art Director/ Market for Razzag.com
  • The Experimental Artist ( on Canvas )
  • The Graffiti Artist (on Walls)

Which artist influenced you?

I don’t see myself influenced by a person or a school of art; I look at art and visuals from different styles and try to explore how to bring them together in a way that represents me.

What style is your work?

The work on canvas is very experimental, exploring different techniques and ideas. The Graffiti work is usually drawing that carry an idea embedded in the feeling it portrays rather just a way to communicate a message. I usually Draw my graffiti piece, however if needed to write I will do that using Arabic typography.

What influences your artwork?

The subject, the environment I’m in and the mind frequency

What do your pieces usually focus on?

The focus is usually on the art – or the drawing that would portray a feeling or an emotion

Where your work is usually located?

My art is located on canvases and my Graffiti is on walls on the streets of Kuwait.

Do you find it difficult to do your work in the streets?

Off-course, with weather like Kuwaits heat and a traditional mentality that barley accepts art as a form of decoration only.

Have you ever had problems with authority because of your artwork?

Luckily no, however one of my pieces was labeled as demonic by the local municipality personnel. It had nothing to do with demons or anything like that, to me it just reflected that individuals fears, he saw a normal face as a demons face. I went and wiped it out.

How long have you been an street artist?

Since 2007, my first was a piece 36 meters wide and 3 meters high

Have you ever collaborated with other artists?

Yes, I did collaborate with Moe a (local graffiti artist goes by Monstariam)