A Stairway To Heaven, Via You


When we follow someone else’s perception of the truth, it immediately becomes a lie because it is filtered through our ego. And our ego cannot grasp Reality. Why would we veil ourselves even further by adding more confusion? Source can only be found in the temple of our own hearts. It is an insult to the Divine to embody the wisdom – or folly – of somebody else, to walk someone else’s path. A teacher becomes a signpost when our consciousness is raised, but to swallow or feed another’s process to ourselves or others during our awakening is only bound to keep us further away from Essence.

The magical part is everyone is on the right path; there is no wrong path. But there is a path that is neither right nor wrong, and that path can only be found in the recesses of our core. Not through our intellect, not through books, not through rituals. Again, dogma is just a part of the ride; a ride we take with our family, our community and our fellow devotees. But at the end of the day, we will walk the stairway to heaven alone, so it’s best to travel lightly, with as little baggage as possible. Who wants to carry someone else’s suitcase anyway?  Especially as we are ascending!