#ineedmyspace at AUK


It’s been two weeks since #iNeedMySpace and I really miss it not because it was an event we did or we organized but because such an activity was needed for everyone!

#iNeedMySpace was a collaboration between Get Out and Art Space Q8. This collaboration was held at the American university of Kuwait on the 28th of March 2015.

We aimed to bring Art, Music, Fashion and new concepts together and encourage young local creative talents and we actually did that in a very nice creative collaborative way.

Different activities were happening throughout the day such as :

Music during the day where played by 3 different djs ( Dj Obie – Dj Rellik and Dj Kade ). Not to forget the live music by 7oudster and the Turkish hash-cats along with Arabique.

Workshops (Art & Craft) for both kids and adults, and live graffiti show by some of the most talented artists in Kuwait ( @Nawaf13@IamSoliman@Art.Lotus – @artist_A_ ) , they did beautiful pieces, some of them used the spray cans (MTN-Montana) and some used paints.

We had unique stalls – mixed between creative boutiques and restaurants. Some of those vendors where Elevation Burger, Dragon Express, Shawarma Shwiekh , Café Bazza when it comes to restaurants. But retailers we had Starco international who have US Polo, Eden Park and Gerry Weber. Also we had chilli beans the Brazilian international brand among many others.

Last but not least we ended up the night with our stand-up comedy show by (Bashar Al Jazzaf). 3 unique talented opened for him and they were mainly WOMEN! Yes .. 3 talented WOMEN! Coco Beat followed by Collet (Actress ) and then Gogo-Tunes who  sang beautiful oriental beats.

Was so much fun I have to say! Again not because we did that… It’s because everyone was enjoying and they were happy and that made us proud of what we achieved.