3 EPIC things will be happening around Middle East and Egypt! on October 28!


I have always been a fan of October not because I’m a Libra but because it has a unique energy around it!

A lot of cultural events and news are happening in October and specially 28/10/2016. Let’s start with #RedBullFelShare3 which is one of the biggest events that will happen in Egypt.

If you do not know what is Red Bull Fel Share3, its basically hours and hours  of Mazzika taking over the streets of Cairo and Alexandria at the same time, featuring 10 of the most well-known Arab teams/singers and DJs.

Red Bull fel Share3

Second we have a new release by Esther Eden and Shaun Warner coming out on Universal Music Mena. Esther is originally from India and based in Dubai, as for Shaun he’s from Ireland and based also in Dubai. I’m really excited for this one!


Last but not least; Red Bull Music Academy will present the last session for the season, having live performances coming from all around the Middle & South East. This night is hosted by Zahed Sultan and happening at Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyah.