Two local artists will be opening for Ah! Kosmos (#RBMA Presents)


On May 12, RBMA is proud to present acclaimed audiovisual artist Ah! Kosmos, also known as Basak Gunak, alongside Boom Beats and Essa Hashemi, at the Radisson Blu Sky Lounge. Expect a sublimely atmospheric and soulful night of house and electronic music, combined with an R&B vibe.


Başak Günak also known as AH! KOSMOS is producer and performer based in Berlin & Istanbul. Her debut EP “Flesh” is released by Muzik Hayvanı label in May 2013 and her debut LP “BASTARDS” is released by Denovali Records in April 2015. She performed in Sonar Festival, Berlin CTM Festival, Barbican Concert Hall, Venice ElectroFestival, Dubai Meet D3 Festival,Budapest Punkurica Festival,Tokyo Electronic Music of Arts Festival, CitySonic Festival in Mons, Rock’n Coke, Piknik Elektronik in Brussels and in many others.

Ah! Kosmos

Boom Beats is a music producer located in Kuwait that loves to flow on the spectrum of music, from heavy trap music to melodic house and disco funk, Boom Beats is looking for newer ways to introduce his heritage and culture into the music, while bringing in that new age sound in every track.


Essa Hashemi  born and raised in Kuwait, Essa was on the path to making music from an early age until it became his sole profession. With a wide range of musical productions ranging from film scores all the way to the popular hit single “Hala Yumma“. Essa mixes his culture into the music, which often lead to a unique fusion sound that listeners could enjoy and relate to. Essa has also made many collaborations with local artists and is currently working on exciting projects with artists from all over this region.


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