Russell Peters night in Kuwait was such a remarkable one. I’m known for my loud voice and laughs but that night couldn’t hear myself because people were cracking up by every line and word.


The opening by the comic Gregg Rogell (NYK) was hilarious, never heard about this guy but definitely he can run his own main show on STAGE.


What made the whole night spectacular not the organization not even the setup, it was Russel and the audience. He started picking on people in the audience by nationality and that was off the hook. Specially that some of those were well-known in the business community and from big Kuwaiti families. He started with the Kuwaitis, heading towards an Indian dude that I felt so sorry at because he started blushing and sweating but I think he had no issue with whatever has been said to him, because at the end of the day you’re coming to a standup comedy show not an interview. Best part was when he started talking about not waking up your wife/girlfriend and when there is only one thing can make you wake her up “hahahahah – naughty one”.


Hope to see him again, this one was my first to Russell and I will definitely do it 2nd and 3rd time because he’s such a GREAT comedian. #AlmostFamous #AlmostFamousKw

Hosted and organized by Vibrant Inc.