16 Finalists Towards Final – RED BULL – KING OF THE ROCK


After qualifiers full of excitement and suspense, Red Bull King of the Rock’s last qualifier was a great closing for the four. Out of 160 participants, 16 winners qualified to the final tournament and they are: Al Fadhli, Abdullah Al Salem, Ziad Houri, Talal Al Marri, Ali Ayed, Mohammed Hersi, James Cocheran, Bader Al Yaqout, Abdullah Bashir, Ebrahim Al Shemary, Jayme Gawrych, Ahmad Al raqum, Nathan Diveley, Ali Yousef and Al Fayez.


  • Head-to-head single elimination tournament
  • Coin toss to determine first possession
  • Five-minute games with running clock
  • 15-second shot clock
  • Standard two and three points for shots made
  • Alternating possession
  • Five fouls lead to disqualification
  • One technical foul leads to disqualification
  • If fouled in the act of shooting a successful basket, player gets the one additional point and possession changes
  • Injury time-out: Two minutes at the referee’s discretion
  • A tie after regulation leads to two minutes overtime (coin toss for first possession)
  • 11-0 skunk rule applies, game over

It is worth mentioning that Friday March 4th will witness the final of the competition in which the Red Bull King Of The Rock is culminated at the Radisson Blu Hotel. The final winner will qualify to represent Kuwait at the World Final in Turkey on September 18th.

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